Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Fun Day....Things that could be a deal breaker

Things that could be a deal breaker.....
By Cecily Bonney and Lee Million

1. Call someone elses name in bed.

Defintely not something you should do, especially when you are both going at it hot and heavy. You not only punish punish yourself too. Then you better be ready for the 101 questions, the yelling, and the throwing of things.

2. Sucking in bed....

Having a woman just lay there under me and not doing anything but just laying there. I hate having to tell a woman what to do and how I like it. Not willing to please the other person...if you know what I mean. (a total deal breaker

3. Not passing the friend test....
I hate bring a guy that I really like around my friends, and then having my girls tell me later what a douchebag he is. Then it makes it hard to hangout with him because I know they won't be hangout with us together.

4. Flat asses....
I am not a fan of a woman with no ass. It doesnt have to be huge but cuffable. I am a man with animal tendies, I will bend you over and I need something to hold onto and slap every once in a while. I like the jiggle. Sorry ladies I tell the truth. Men you know what I am talking about.

5. Kissing, making-out, swapping spit
I need a good kisser. What I don't need is you shouving your tongue down my throat and please for the love god don't lick my teeth. You nasty! I am a fan of lightly nibbling on my lip and sucking on them. Just saying. Ok. I am sorry I got a little carried away there.


Thank you for sitting there and reading me and Lee's Sunday Fun Day blog... Yes we are that silly crazy couple that just sets around and thinks of random questions to ask each other. So we figured why not share them with you all. 

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