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Cover Reveal for Lasting Fate by Charisse Spiers

We can't always control what happens in our lives. If anyone has learned that it's Kinzleigh Baker. She has learned to embrace the moments and live like there is no tomorrow; to love the people that we are given with all that we have. She knows all to well what it's like to have your heart ripped from your chest and doesn't care to ever experience that feeling again.

Her life has been one roller coaster of overwhelming consequences back to back. Kinzleigh has learned some of the humility she was once lacking as an adolescent. She has found out the hard way that we can't always focus on ourselves or take the important people in our lives for granted. She is working hard to live by putting one foot in front of the other. She is now forcefully embarking on a new journey; one that will be sure to cause lots of trials and tribulations on its own.

What would you do if God gave you that second chance to the one thing you would change if you could? One tragedy that could be reversed perhaps or someone from your past waltzing back into your life unannounced. Would you take it and run with it or go a different route altogether?

Author Bio:
I developed a passion for reading I never knew I had in November of 2012 when I decided to give eBooks a try. Since then I can't go a day without some form of a book or character running wild through my mind. For almost a year I constantly had a book pulled up on my Kindle app for my iPad. The beauty of self publishing is that you can interact with the authors, which is how I started writing. I never knew I had the creativity to write a novel until I began conversing with another Indie author. If you ever think that Indie authors don't like getting feedback from readers, you are very wrong. I began editing for a fellow author and because she took a leap of faith in me and told me to give writing a shot, I am now an Indie author myself. I cannot tell you how amazing this journey has been. It is hard putting yourself out there for the public eye with all of the reviews that come through, but it's also amazing. I have met some of the most genuine people and people I would consider friends even though I've never met them face to face. I have now published the first two books in the Fate series, Accepted Fate and Twisting Fate and I am starting book three Lasting Fate to be released November 2, 2014. I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me and feel free to interact with me here or on social media. I will respond. :)
Buy links for book one, Accepted Fate
Book two, Twisting Fate

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Review for Vain by Deborah Bladon



That's all Noah Foster wanted when Alexa Jackson showed up at his apartment.

After returning from a semester in Paris, Alexa is back in her hometown of Boston and looking for anything but the drama that surrounds Noah. He's intense, gifted, famous and a bastard through and through.

Alexa doesn't take life too seriously. Noah doesn't do calm and easygoing.

Their unexpected meeting sets them both on a course towards an unlikely connection. As Noah embarks on a journey to teach school teacher Alexa the ways of his dark and mysterious world, she's fighting her own demons and the memory of a stranger in Paris.

When Alexa's past suddenly becomes her present, she's forced to face the reality of whether the passionate moments she's spent in Noah's arms, in his bed, and in his life mean anything to him, or has it all been in vain?


 My 5 star review

Noah Foster is a hot photographer. Point that camera of his at any girl and he can get her any way he wants, let alone any woman he wants. I mean women will sleep with him just because he is sexy as hell and add a camera to the mix, I’d be damned if it’s not completely amazing. But good things only last for so long. When his whole world ends up changing in the click of a picture being taken; he holes up in his place and doesn’t even want to step outside the door.

Alexa is a woman who loves sex and there is not a damn thing wrong with that. Oh, I forgot, she is also beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, and sassy. Almost done with school, she will graduate soon and become a teacher. How can any man resist a hot sexy teacher who is very in touch with her sexual side? But the poor girl has a history of attracting ass-wipes.

You will be laughing your ass off, once Alexa and Noah meet. Vain will have you wanting to re-read it over and over again!! It was such an easy read. Yes it is only 70 something pages but I couldn’t care less. The book had me going, and I mean going! I was like, girl let him put it there and don’t fight him, and not but seconds later was like what a cocky ass-wipe. Then there’s the ending of this book. I was like shut the front door; no freaking way can this be happening to me right now!! AND this book isn’t even about me!! That is how good this book is. Vain is delicious, yummy, hot as hell, sexy, steamy and I can’t wait to get my hands on book two.

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Review for Wrecked by Emily Snow



Emily Snow


Two years ago, Evie’s sister died, leaving her lost. Existing without really living. Coping the only way she knew how: by wrecking things.

Last year, Evie exposed her dad’s affairs, finished ripping apart her relationship with her longtime boyfriend, and completely ruined her music scholarship.

But today, she’s reinventing herself at her new university. Desperate to break away from all the destruction she’s caused, Evie’s ready to start over. For her sister, who never even had a chance. And for herself.

Then Rhys, her new voice instructor, happens.

He’s gorgeous and insanely talented, but he’s also a part of the dark past Evie is trying to overcome. Rhys’s brother is the reason why her life went up in flames, the reason why Lily, Evie's sister, is dead. But even though Rhys is the last person Evie should ever want, for the first time in two years, wrecking things seems…right.

*WRECKED is a standalone novel and is not a part of a series*


My 4.5 star review


Evelyn lost her sister and shut everyone out of her life. She had a very hard time with the death of her sister and blames herself.  In a way I can relate to Evelyn, I also lost someone close to me. Shortly after her sister’s death, she started to wreck everything, her relationship with her boyfriend, her scholarship for music, and she even spilled the beans that her father was having an affair. Now she is at a new university and with a new slate. Will she wreck this chance as well or will she be able to turn things around for herself?

In comes, Rhys, this sexy guy who is too sexy for his own good. Ryhs is a teacher’s assistant for a professor at Evelyn’s new university. Every girl wants him but they really don’t bother to see the real him. They just want the sexy body, his killer bartending skills, and musical talent. But the real Rhys is broken and has so much hurt in his heart.

Evelyn and Rhys are two very broken people, whom blame themselves for things that are out of their control. Your heart will break for these two. Will Evelyn and Rhys be able to med the wreckage that is a part of their past and has caused them both so much hurt and brokenness in their lives? Or will they let what couldn’t be controlled wreck the future that they have set out to make for themselves in their new lives?

Now that you know some of the characters in this story, I can tell you that Emily Snow, well, she out did herself in the story. I felt like my best friend was telling me all about her feelings. This book was very well written and definitely got all of my attention from the first page to the last.

There are no cliffhangers in this story! I know shocker, but it’s true. The ending was bittersweet to me too. Only because, even though I was happy with the ending, at the end I wanted more of Evelyn and Rhys story, scratch that, I need more of them. Emily Snow gave Wrecked a complete ending but expertly entwines the reader with the characters where it leaves you wanting more of them. Their story is amazing, sad, lovely, heartbreaking, and perfectly imperfect. I loved this book! It made me realize how much I love my family; and I wanted to get my mother, father, two sisters, and my brother together and just hold them and never let go.

LOVE IT!!! Thank you Emily Snow for a wonderfully written novel and I am looking forward to reading more of your work.


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Review for Desire by Missy Johnson

Missy Johnson
***Revised and rewritten, this is a 48,000 word novella that contains strong themes making it suitable for a mature audience only***

I’m a sex worker.

A prostitute. A whore.

Whatever you want to call me, the result is still the same. I sleep with men and I get paid for it. I don’t make excuses for what I do.

Then I learn how fragile life can be; how in an instant, everything can change. My mother disappears and I'm left to care for my two estranged siblings. I can barely manage to look after myself.

How am I supposed to look after a hormonal fifteen year old and a five year old who has no idea who I am?

I just want my old, uncomplicated life back.

Especially when He shows up.

He’s investigating my mothers disappearance, but I can see that it’s more than that for him.He thinks he can help me. He thinks he can fix me.

Only how can he fix something so broken?
My 4 star review
Kait is a prostitute and she works at a brothel. She has been through a lot, her step-father abused her at a very young age, her mother didn’t even believe her and then she finally ran off because she believed him over her. She left her mother, sister, and little brother behind. She didn’t care nor mind that she had sex for a living. She was broken and there was no one out there that could fix her.
Then she gets a knock on her door and it is this hot and sexy Detective Devon. He is there to tell her that her mother went missing and needs to know if she can keep her siblings until their mother is found. Kait’s  freaking out because she left them and never looked back, so how in the hell is she going to be able to raise these kid’s.
After Kait takes them in she starts to feel things she hasn’t felt since she was a small child, the strongest being love. She loves her brother and sister and is determined to do what she has to do for them. With all the time she spends with Detective Devon she starts to develop feelings for him, which is very different for her as well. She has been doing her own thing for four years now and only looking out for herself. Now she has this bomb dropped on her and she’s unsure what to do or where it will take her.
This book was good. But to be honest, I felt that it was a little rushed and I wanted more of this story. I know that this book is a novella but it would have been better if there was more.

A Fighter's Desire is LIVE

A Fighter’s Desire
RELEASE: July 28, 2014
Two is always better than one.
Knowing a fighter’s desires and needs are one thing, but actually experiencing them is another. A Fighter’s Desire gives you not one, but two stories full of hardcore passion, angst, and action that’ll leave you breathless and aching for more.
Part One: Ryley and Camden Jameson, well-known MMA fighters and identical twins, were just as aggressive and passionate in the bed as they were in the ring. They loved a good fight, and that’s exactly what they got when they met Ashleigh Warren. The brothers had a habit of sharing things—including women—and she happened to be the only one they truly craved. However, the problem was getting her to agree to their proposition. It was one she couldn’t refuse, but she knew it wouldn’t be easy to win. Nonetheless, she sure as hell was going to enjoy it.
Part Two: Fighting temptation isn’t easy when you’re constantly around the one person you’ve desired more than any other. Gabriella Reynolds was warned by her brother, MMA Heavyweight Champion Matt Reynolds, to stay away from his friends; they only wanted one thing, and in the end they’d break her heart. She heard it, but the desire to have the one man she couldn’t led her down the forbidden path to pursue him; he also happens to be one of her brother’s best friends. Tyler Rushing can’t deny his attraction to her, and he’s afraid she’ll want more than what he can give her. When he finds out that’s not the case … everything changes. They have no choice but to keep their time a secret, and it’s a secret that’ll stay with them forever.
Good Reads:
About the Author:
USA Today Bestselling author, L.P. Dover, is a southern belle residing in North Carolina along with her husband and two beautiful girls. Before she even began her literary journey she worked in Periodontics enjoying the wonderment of dental surgeries. 

Not only does she love to write, but she loves to play tennis, go on mountain hikes, white water rafting, and you can’t forget the passion for singing. Her two number one fans expect a concert each and every night before bedtime and those songs usually consist of Christmas carols. 

Aside from being a wife and mother, L.P. Dover has written over nine novels including her Forever Fae series, the Second Chances series, and her standalone novel, Love, Lies, and Deception. Her favorite genre to read is romantic suspense and she also loves writing it. However, if she had to choose a setting to live in it would have to be with her faeries in the Land of the Fae.
Barnes and Noble:

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Review for The Other Side of Someday by Carey Heywood

The Other Side of Someday
Carey Heywood
Falling in love? Courtney Grayson has been there, done that.

Men, who needs them? Love wasn’t everything she thought it would be. This time around she’s doing things differently. She hasn’t sworn off men for good, just isn’t interested in settling. Trusting someone with her heart again? Someday, but not today.

Falling in love? Sorry, Clay Bradshaw is not the guy for you.

He’s never been in love and he doesn’t see it happening. Hooking up can be fun, but more often than not, women are a distraction he doesn’t need. He’s a busy man, and doesn’t have time to date, let alone fall in love. Will someone ever change that? There’s always a chance, someday.

Life doesn’t always go as planned, and love may find them both on the other side of someday.
My 4.5 star review
Courtney is this beautiful, smart, funny, adorable woman. She is comfortable in her life and her relationship with long term boyfriend Mike. Then one morning she wakes up and starts to a have a bit of an off day. When she gets to work she is bombarded by her office manager. Apparently she is being let go for stealing money out of the petty cash. But Courtney has never stolen a dime in her life. She goes home to only find Mike banging his boss’s daughter. Ugh, Men….jerks! You’d think that would be the end of her ever so fabulous day but don’t hold your breath. She takes off after witnessing Mike’s atrocity and ends up with a flat tire. And that’s where Clay comes into the story, well sort of.
Clay is a hot, sexy, smart, hands on kind of guy. He is an IT guy but is currently taking a break from his job to help his father’s shop out, since he broke is hip. So Clay spends his days at the moment changing oils, changing tires, and whatever else people need done to their automobiles and spends his nights and weekends finishing up his own projects.
When Courtney walks into the shop to pay back the old man for the tire that he put on, something in the air changes and she comes face to face with Clay. There is something about them both that pulls them towards each other. Courtney has had her heart ripped out and never wants to fall in love again. Clay had been a player for years and was against relationships, but then something he did 5 years ago changed that somewhat.
Newly in need of a job, Courtney asks if they are in need of any help seeing that it is only Clay and his father running the place. So Clay decides to hire her to answer the phones and schedule appointments, which can free him up more so he can fix cars and get more of his own work done. The two of them end up hitting it off just right and things end up going in a totally different direction. But the question is… Will their past prevent them to opening up the possibility of having an amazing future???
This story is as cute as can be and will definitely pull at your heart strings. The Other Side of Someday is full of love, romance, drama, and betrayal! Wow, what a combination. I read it in less than four hours, I was that hooked. Once you pick up this book you will never want to put it down. And the ending...can you!!!say CUTE!! I now need me some Clay in my life.  
Now we all know that I am a fan of Carey Heywood and I have read all of her books and have loved them all. This book was no exception; it had me from the first page. It blows my mind how Carey Heywood can create a story and turn it into such a remarkable work of art.
So, without further adieu, Congrats Carey Heywood on another outstanding book!! Oh and by the way Carey, I just know I will always love Will! As far as my followers, take some time out now to check out Carey Heywood’s books and start reading and falling in love just as I have. Your world will be forever changed!

Hemy Cover Reveal

Hemy by Victoria Ashley
Releasing late 2014
Cover design by CT Covercreations
My name is Hemy Knox and I’m a fucking heartbreaker . . .
Ive hurt the one person that means the most to me in life; the only woman I have ever fucking loved. I let the drugs, alcohol and wild life take over; consume me. I got her where I wanted her and ripped her fucking heart out.
Since then, Ive spent countless nights having dirty, meaningless sex with a multitude of people; only leaving them wanting and begging for more with no regrets. Some may even call me the devil; soulless.
They look and judge, but there is one thing they don’t know; no one does. I want more than this life of stripping and sleeping around; the never ending party. I want love and everything that comes with it; that high that never ends. The problem is . . . I only want it with her.
She refuses to be mine . . . again. Shes smart and it’s a mother fucking pain in my ass; guarding her heart while ripping mine right out of my chiseled chest. I can’t say that I blame her. I always was a dumb ass when it came to the emotions of a woman, especially her.
She wants to see me suffer as much as I made her; watch me wither and fucking die at her feet. She wants to crush me until Im no longer breathing and I will let her, because it hurts far less than not having her as mine.
I will stop at nothing to make her mine again. The pain only drives me harder; feeding my fury and giving me a reason to live . . . her.
***Author's note*** Due to strong language and a very high amount of sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18. This is #2 in the Walk Of Shame series of novellas that will all be STANDALONE reads. This includes F/M and F/M/M so if you’re not into dirty sex scenes with filthy language, then this book is not for you. If you are . . . then, come meet the dirty boys of Walk Of Shame.

Excerpt (Onyx POV):
My eyes meet Hemy’s and they stay there as the man quickly leaves us alone.
      “Lock the door,” I demand. Hemy locks the door with a smirk and walks over to stand in front of me. “No touching,” I whisper. “Just yourself.”
      Hemy grabs me by the hips and sets me on top of the table before walking away and taking a seat on the other side of the couch. The clean side.
      His eyes watch me with heated desire as I open the rest of my bustier and pull it open. My hands reach up to rub my pierced nipples causing Hemy to growl and adjust his cock.
      “Mmm . . . you like that?” I run my hands in between my breasts until they reach the top of my panties. “I want you to come for me, Hemy. I miss seeing you lose it over me.”
      He watches me as I drop down on my knees and spread my legs apart. I slowly slide my hand down the front of my panties and run my finger up and down my wetness before sliding a finger inside. “Mmm . . . I’m so wet for you.” I push in and out. “Can you hear it, Hemy? Remember how much you loved the sound of me being wet for you?”
      “Fuck yes.” He undoes his jeans before pulling down the zipper. “Fuck yourself faster and rub your nipple with your other hand.” I do as he says while moaning out. “That’s it, baby. Do it for me.”
      I position myself so that I’m sitting on my ass with my legs spread eagle in front of his face. I want to be sure he gets a good view. Then I pull my panties to the side and bare my wet, throbbing pussy to him.
      “That’s it, Onyx.” He pulls his cock out of his jeans and I instantly notice the piercings. It has me so turned on that I have to stop all movement in fear of getting off too soon. He notices me eyeing his cock and grins. “Imagine these steel bars deep inside you as I pound into. You know I like it deep, baby.” His hand starts stroking his cock and I instantly notice the bead of pre-cum that drips off the head and onto his hand.
      I bring my hand down to touch myself again and move at the same rhythm as Hemy as he strokes himself. His eyes never stray away from my fingers shoving themselves deep inside me.
      I’ve needed this for a long time. Ever since leaving Hemy, reaching orgasm as become almost close to impossible. Just watching him get off as I get myself off is enough to make me want to explode.
      He starts stroking harder and faster while sucking on his lip ring. “I’m about to blow, baby. I wish it were inside of you.”
      His words set me off and I find myself shaking from the most intense orgasm I have had in years. A few seconds later, Hemy is blowing his load into his free hand, moaning out my name.
      We both look at each other while coming down from our temporary high.

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Blog Tour: Review for Redeemed Love by MS Brannon


Redeemed Love




M.S. Brannon


“Who am I? For all intents and purposes, I am the nice guy; the loyal brother and decent citizen. I am quiet and non-confrontational. I am the brother nobody worries about and can always depend upon. To my family, I am the good one. However, that’s only what they see on the outside.” ~ Jeremy Evans

Outwardly, Jeremy Evans is a typical guy, the calmest of the Evans brothers. He’s obsessed with cars, enjoys the company of beautiful women, and is devoted to his family. Inwardly, however, Jeremy is a ticking time bomb. Torn between what’s right versus what’s wrong. When the attempted rape on Darcie occurs, Jeremy finally loses the battle within himself. The pure hatred for Sulfur Heights consumes him and escape is all he thinks about.

Three years later, he is secretly engrossed by the drug-infested underworld. Jeremy’s double life leads him on dark and sinister paths of drugs, violence and rage.

The Evans family is destroyed after Presley’s murder and consequently Jeremy’s arrest. He’s sent to prison where he’s forced to survive with the mistakes he’s made on his conscience. However, only one thought lingers. It consumes the years he spends locked in a cell. Retribution.

Cami Ryker used to have a picture perfect life. She was loved by her family and happy with her life until her brother’s sudden death tore her family apart. Cami is forced to care for her ailing mother and assume the responsibilities of a normal adult. However, when the bills are paid and her mother is tucked away for the night, Cami likes to cloud her mind in order to escape her daily struggles. Late one night, a stranger trolling the streets rescues her in a dark alley. The mysterious stranger will become one of the most important people in her life until the day he’s sent to prison.

Four years later, Jeremy is released and seeking redemption for his mistakes, but the betrayal is still thriving amongst the Evans family.

Will Jeremy finally find the solace within to gain the forgiveness from his family that he desperately craves? And is it possible for Jeremy to save those he loves and exonerate himself in the process?

**Mature Content Warning** 17+ for language and sexual content**

 My 4.5 Star Review
Jeremy carries the world on his shoulders and well in this case, that isn’t the smartest idea. He is so lost and torn between the two lives he has been living, that he may never be able to get away from the darker side. One side of his life is his family and racing cars; the other side, the darker side is drugs. Jeremy doesn’t even drink anymore nor does he do drugs. Having watched what drugs did to his mother, he won’t touch the stuff. But to get his family out of the hell hole, Sulfur Heights, he will sell them to save up enough money to get out.
Cami is a young beautiful Hispanic woman. I’m very excited this series has a book with someone with the same cultural background as me. I haven’t read any so far that has really geared toward the Hispanics in this type of genre that is. LOL Okay back to Cami. She has had her world turned upside down. Her father was taken away and so was her mother, which resulted in her turning to marijuana to help numb herself and take the pain away. Since then she has always been looked after by her uncle who, in turn, just happens to be a staple in the cartel.
I am so glad that I got to learn more about Jeremy and who he really is inside and out. I didn’t realize how human he was, I know that sounds weird, but in all the books of this series he was portrayed as the loner. In my opinion, out of all the Evan’s brothers, he is the strongest. Redeemed Love is very good and I am very impressed. M.S. Brannon has written 5 freaking amazing books and not one of them will disappoint you. Her books are not fairytale love stories of women falling for millionaires, if that’s what you want, but you’d be missing out if you don’t take a look. Her books are real, raw, sensitive, passionate, loyal, heart-breaking, soul searching, romantic, and works of art that you will have a hard time putting down.
I was nervous about reading this book because I loved all the ones before and I didn’t want to be disappointed. Well, I wasn’t! Redeemed Love was just as amazing as the first four. I have no clue how she does such an amazing job telling these stories but she does and I am so happy she wrote them. I am being completely honest when saying that the Sulfur Heights Series is now in my Top Book Series List. They blew me away, I truly mean that.  
Congrats M.S. Brannon on writing such an amazing book series.


Oh, wait I almost forgot… Look out for “Everlasting Love”, The Evans Family Epilogue.

Coming Fall 2014!

Review for Chasing Perfection by M.S. Parker


They all think they can sleep their way to the top - blondes, brunettes and redheads. That is, until they meet me. My name is DeVon Ricci and I’m an asshole. At least they all seem to think so. But I don’t give a shit because they never last long. Two or three weeks tops, then they're gone. Not that it matters. There’s always another talent waiting to take a seat on the casting couch, but I've yet to find what I'm looking for. I know what I want and I won't settle for less. I'm always chasing perfection.

The embodiment of the American dream, DeVon Ricci had come to America from Italy when he was a teenager and then, with hard work and perseverance, had worked his way up in a cutthroat industry to emerge as the head of one of the top talent agencies in Los Angeles. Now it looks like he has everything he could ever want, except for the perfect woman.

Don't miss a minute of summer's hottest new romance series, Chasing Perfection.

My 5 star review
Chasing Perfection it so hot and steamy!! That I believe, without a doubt, it will be the hottest series of the summer. M.S. Parker what are you doing to me?!
DeVon Ricci is, how can I put this, is a sexy beast. He is arrogant, cocky, hot, sexy, talented, and knows his stuff. The man gets what he wants when he wants it. I’d say more about him but that would just be spoiling the surprise. Let’s just say you will not regret getting to know DeVon Ricci. He will blow your mind away.
Krissy is a sassy, beautiful, smart as hell woman. She has decided to leave her lawyer job in New York so she can move to Los Angeles and be a lawyer in the sunshine. After arriving she lands an interview for a very promising position. But is it worth her soul?
I loved every part of this book and it left me sitting there with my mouth hanging wide open. I was reading Chasing Perfection while poolside and all I could think about was DeVon bringing me a drink of, well I don't really care as long as he is with it. Good thing I have someone who can handle me and all my book boyfriends, otherwise I don’t know what I’d do.
M.S. Parker did such an overwhelmingly great job with this story that it will have you screaming for MORE! Everything about it will have you fanning yourself while you continue wanting and pinning for more.
M.S. Parker, congrats on writing the hottest series of the summer, you are amazing.
Anyone in search of a great read needs to pick up this book. Do not hesitate! She totally delivers!!