Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Blogger Week Interview with Courtney from Must Read Books or Die..

Thank you so very much for doing this interview with me!!!
What are your top 5 books?
In no particular order, of course because they are all so it's like having five number ones!
1) Night Owl - M. Pierce
2) My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Picoult
3) Blind Obsession - Ella Frank
4) The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
5) Lock + Key by Sarah Dessen
I have to add these to my book list. But I loved My Sister's Keeper. Cried like a damn baby!
Who is your favorite author and why?
I am going to say Sarah Dessen. I started reading her when I was no longer classified as Young Adult and own a print copy of ALL of her books (11 of them now I think). Each of her characters are so unique, and have a different problem to face...but I think I love how she writes and how "real life" they are. I totally dig the fantasy of most of what I read now, but the stories that are real, hard and gritty totally slay my heart wide open and I keep coming back for more. She deals with issues of crushes, first love, abuse, abandonment, finding your "person." She is hilarious on twitter. I might flail a bit if I ever met her. I could go on and on but I will stop.
I am going to have to add her to my list too!
What is one thing you love about the Midnight Society and why?
The music. 100% the music is my favorite parts and that Logan Patricks wrote the compositions for the songs for the book...and showed his heart for the piano and music in Aria. <3 it! *swoon*
OMG I totally agree with you. I have his music on my playlist! :)
If you could buy any car regardless of the cost what would you buy?
A Jeep Wrangler. (Not what you were expecting probably) but I'm a small town country girl at heart, so if I could buy one of those to drive around on a dirt road on a summer night...that would be my heaven.
Jeep Wrangler are very nice! And big!
Who is your all time book boyfriend?
It is so hard to choose (Matt Sky for the win!) Yes, Matt Sky for about one hundred different reasons, but I will also say Eric from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series because he was my FIRST book boyfriend that I can remember. And he broke my damn heart. Still remember it. Geez
I loved those books and the movies!!
What made you want to start a blog?
I love talking about books. And finding Shelley and then finding our "people" in the world who also love to talk about books was awesome. We thought it would be a good outlet to share what we were reading, and also join the book community and find a lot of really awesome books that we might not have found otherwise (Hello, indies). We found out fairly quickly though that this blogging thing is hard work!
I am one of your people! LOL Your are so right blogging is hard work. :)
If you had 1 wish what would you wish for?
To finish writing a book. I think that would be a good wish, and maybe help me actually achieve that goal!
Very nice! I want to read this book of yours!
What is your favorite food?
Sweet and sour chicken. I just moved and you don't know how dang hard it is to find good Chinese food...okay, fine...Americanized Chinese food.
Sweet and sour chicken is my favorite!
Where do you go to get away, when you need to take a temporary break from life?
My hometown in Arkansas. There is little to no cell phone service, so it definitely makes you disconnect from technology for a while. There is an amazing river there, and I could sit on the bank forever.
I want to go to Arkansas. I hear it is gorgeous!
If you could have superpowers what would yours be?
I want the superpower of flying. Proving that laziness is my top quality, because I hate driving and wish I could fly everywhere.
I am a booksessed girl from Southwest Missouri. I spend all of my spare time reading books, reading blogs about books, and buying more books! I go to a lot of concerts and sporting events, but when my husband and I are at home, we're playing with our 2 dogs and watching The Walking Dead








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