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Cover Reveal: Fallen Down Under by S.M. Phillips

“Fallen Down Under” by: S.M. Phillips



“Fuck.” I slam my fist into the desk before me and feel nothing but rage. I need to go after her. I need to explain. “But isn’t this what you wanted?” The voice inside my head whispers. “Isn’t this a nice easy way out?”

Everything Max has done has always been at a cost to others around him. He wasn’t about to make that mistake again. No longer will his selfish ways punish those close to him. Sometimes it’s better to have had and lost than to never have had at all.

Finally after what felt like forever, Jess was getting a glimpse of control over her life again and allowed her defences to come crashing down, only to have what it guarded to be crushed once again. Now, on the other side of the world away from her friends, she doesn’t know what to do.

Should she stay or should she go?

Is it too late or have they both fallen too far into something that is completely out of their depths?



Meet S.M. Phillips

Welcome to the crazy and hectic life that is me… A fun, loving mum of one special little boy, girlfriend (I’m sure it should be wife by now!!) and an overall crazy, happy go lucky girl from England.

I have always had a passion for reading and writing. Wherever I am, my book reader is never far behind along with a mug of coffee.

I found myself wanting to write from a young age, I have quite a few hidden stories on my computer somewhere, maybe I will have to dig them out and play around with them at some point.

I decided to make the very exciting but also very nerve wracking decision to release my debut ‘Escape down under’ at the end of 2013 when the ideas in my head got too strong and just wouldn’t leave me alone.


Escape down under is now live and Fallen down under is due for release on November 2nd



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Review: Non-Fiction by Morgan Parker

Morgan Parker
After 12 years, 4 months and 1 and 1/2 weeks of marriage, his wife packs up and leaves with their daughter. So he writes an Indie novel. And it becomes a bestseller. Well, sort of.

His fame brings him the lifestyle of a rockstar, and he has the fan mail (i.e. female undergarments, probably clean) to prove it.

But seeing his fame, his wife suddenly believes in marriage counseling. Their homework: to create something beautiful for each other.

So he writes Our Story, his literary secret-weapon that will win his wife back. But in the process he discovers that true love is more than just ticking the right boxes on a checklist. It starts with... well... }i{ .

Note: the f-word is used 231 times in various formats throughout this story. Read with caution.
Amazon Link:
My 5 star review
Morgan Parker you are a brilliant author, period! I am officially obsessed with the way you write. This book is a love story in every sense of the word. These things really happen in real life and I personally want to thank you for writing this amazing story.
Morgan (the main character) is this man who I just want to slap in the face only because he lets Princess Bitch/whore (Morgan’s wife who left him) walks all over him. (Sorry mother for the language) That is really what he calls his wife in the book, but don’t gasp because he never says it to her face. He is too good of a person and deserves so much more.
Jennifer (Morgan’s wife) is this horrible person who just up and leaves her husband taking their daughter with her. She literally left him with no warning. I mean this chick didn’t even leave him a damn note.
Evelyn is their daughter who is very young and as cute as can be. The relationship that her and her father have is so beautiful and I think it made me love this character just a little more.
After Morgan’s life gets turned upside down he starts writing and is doing good, or at least he thinks so anyway. He then finds Emma or I should say Emma finds him. Emma well, is just Emma. In my opinion she helped Morgan in more ways than one and I really love this character.
This book made me mad, cry, laugh, giggle, grunt, snort, pissed, angry and a whole lot of other things. While reading Non-Fiction I felt like my best guy friend was telling me his story and that is why my emotions were literally a hot damn mess. They were crazy and I will add that I was a bit hormonal too. At one point, I was yelling at my kindle and I think I scared my fiancée. (Sorry Lee, blame the author) This is such an amazing story and it shows me that LOVE is one crazy scary ass monster. And we can’t control who we fall in love with.
About Morgan Parker
Morgan Parker enjoys reading and writing a great love story. His unique short-novel series, Textual Encounters, tells the love story of three unlikely characters, people we don't know whether to love or hate. And his latest novel, non friction, is well, different.

Blog Tour: Review for Hidden Heart by Measha Stone



Jessica Stanley is comfortable in her orderly life as a paralegal at a high end law firm. Having dated her fair share of liars and manipulators, Jessica views men through a pair of thick, cynical lenses. Men are good for one thing in her eyes, and one thing only.
Her predictable life is thrown into a whirlwind of new experiences when she meets a dominating man at a casual dinner with friends.
Royce Bradford is a man of intent and is used to getting his way. Until he meets Jessica. She is wound tight, and he finds himself yearning to unravel her secrets and her passions.
Jessica declares their relationship casual. She’s tempted by his seductive tone and unusually powerful demeanor to give him that much. But for Royce, it’s not enough. He wants more.
Except Jessica has built a secret tomb around her heart, and it will take a lot more than sensual play times and verbal commands for him to be allowed entrance. Royce never backs down from his desires. He takes up the challenge to seek out her Hidden Heart.
My 4 star review
Jessica Stanley is so comfortable keeping everybody at arm’s length that is has become second nature and now has a hard time letting anyone get any closer. She is a paralegal at a law firm where her boss is a total capital D, Douchebag. Men are no longer in her vocabulary, so much so that all she needs is one of her books and her battery operated friend. Oh and a glass of wine too.
Royce Bradford, now here is a man that gets what he wants. He is an "I take shit from no one kind of man", which I like. Then he meets Jessica at a dinner while out with his co-worker. And the chemistry is palpable.
But I will not spoil this flirtatious, hot, steamy, sexy book for you. Just take my word for it that Hidden Heart is so hot I had to fan myself throughout reading it. And it was such an easy read and very easy to get lost in its pages. I couldn’t help feeling torn when I got to the last chapter. Only because I knew it would be over in a matter of minutes and I wasn’t ready for it to be over yet.
I could read about Jessica and Royce all day long. They are super cute. I liked Jessica's character a lot that at times I felt I was her and well, all I wanted to do was be a good girl for Royce. What!? I am not going to lie. He can tell me what to do and boss me around any day. I am a big girl. I can take what he dishes out!
Measha Stone I love this book and can’t wait for book 2, Secured Heart to come out.
Which is coming Fall 2014...Yay!!!
Measha Stone lives in the western suburbs of Chicago with her husband and their children. By day she works as a healthcare administrator, and by evening she steams up the computer screen with her erotic romances. No stranger to the BDSM community, Measha feels right at home within the erotic genre. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, and graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. Her vanilla writing has been published in the online magazine efiction and the DuPage Writers Group annual journal Possibilities. To find out more about Measha Stone visit her blog at www.meashaswritings.blogspot.com or follow her @Measha_stone
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Review: Survival (Twisted book 1) by Rebecca Sherwin


Survival (Twisted #1)


Rebecca Sherwin

With intertwining memories and a world of deceit and betrayal yet to be exposed, Survival, book #1 in the Twisted series, is an intense, compelling page-turner, seen through the eyes of Skye 'the Skillet' Jones.

With no friends, no family and a life of loneliness ahead, Skye was looking for a reason to fight. To live. To survive. A once happy family was torn apart, leaving a hazy cloud of confusion, abandonment and fear in its wake. Her twin brother, Oliver, was all she had... until the talons of death and the consequences of his dangerous coping mechanism tore his life from him.

Skye was left alone, mourning the loss of her brother and the life he would never live, when Cut Throat Curtis swooped in and taught her to fight; to control her emotional anguish with physical strength. But he was dangerous, a force to be reckoned with. A man with turmoil and secrets of his own. He soon left as quickly as he'd appeared, becoming a ghost in the life she no longer knew.

She had nothing. She had no one.

When all Skye had was her will to survive, fate gave her Thomas. He fought for her, he fought with her and he loved her like no other. But fate was waiting, ready to strike with the force of a hurricane when she thought she had everything she'd ever wanted. It was coming, the cruel twist of fate that would bring Skye to her knees and threaten her survival once more...


My 4.5 Star review

Skye had the perfect life then in a blink of an eye her whole world fell apart. Her father left and ran away with his girlfriend. Her mother turned to alcohol and drugs. Her older sister Beth went off to college, never to return again. So all she really had was her twin brother Oliver.  Skye and Oliver did everything and went everywhere together. If you were to see one of them you were sure to find the other nearby. With their dad gone and sister having gone to college it was just them with their mother who had now turned into a completely different person because of the alcohol and drugs. They were miserable and needed to get away. So they started saving up money so they could.

But fate doesn’t ever make things that easy and not soon after figuring out a plan to get away, Skye’s life hit rock bottom again. Oliver died and a huge piece of Skye died right along with him. Now no one there to confide in other than her alcoholic, drug addicted mother, Skye began to feel alone. Actually, she was, all alone…

However fate had another trick up its sleeve and in comes Cutthroat Curtis, well it really is just Curtis but Cutthroat is or was his fighting name. He is a very mysterious man to me. I mean don’t get me wrong, I would love to spar with this man if you know what I mean. **wink, wink** But he opens up to Skye one time and then all of a sudden nothing. All you get is what is on the outside.  However, he is there for her and wants to take her pain away. He can’t promise her hearts and roses but he can promise to take her pain away, especially when she needed it the most.

Then there is Thomas…

Ok, I know, you are probably saying, “Really Cecily who is Thomas and why aren’t you elaborating about him??” Well I can’t! I want you to survive this journey with Skye and in doing so I cannot elaborate anymore than his name. You will just have to read this book yourself! J

Now I wil be honest and say that I really didn’t get into this story at first. For some reason I couldn’t hold on to the main character, Skye. I just couldn’t seem to connect with her. But in the true fashion of good old me, I continued to read it. I am so glad that I did!!

The title Survival is absolutely perfect. Skye has survived a lot of terrible things in her life and truly knows the meaning of heart ache. About 28% into this book I was able to start connecting with Skye, I am glad I pushed through that bump in road in beginning. Because man what a character!

This story will take you on an emotional rollercoaster and Skye will teach you that you just can’t lay there and let life kick you when you are down. You must get back up and fight, especially for the people that are no longer here. Survival is an amazing, beautiful, heart-breaking read and I now want to go home and embrace my son and fiancée and never let the two of them go.

Now I did only give this book 4.5 stars only because I didn’t connect with Skye in much of the beginning. Rebecca it just felt like you didn’t connect yourself with her and the events take place as well during this stretch. But you rocked it towards the end. So other than that this book is a total 5 star read.

Rebecca Sherwin you literally blew me away with this book and its ending. I loved Second Chance Hero and you know that, Red still has my heart. But you literally did a complete 180° with this book. I am very impressed. Congrats on all of your success! So with all that being said, I can’t wait to read Revival (Twisted #2). J

About Rebecca Sherwin
Mother of a superhero…Writer of romantic smut.”


Rebecca is a coffee drinking, music loving, working single mother and writing insomniac. When she’s not writing, she’s reading and when she’s not reading she’s squeezing her eyes shut and willing sleep to descend.

She writes about serious issues, giving emotional turmoil a twist and adding a little ‘British’ humour and dry wit. Her stories are real and relatable, yet unexpected and unpredictable. Every writer was a reader first and Rebecca owes her passion for creating and telling emotional tales to the stories she has read and the people, places and experiences that have, and continue to, inspire her. Rebecca wants her readers to escape to a world where fairy tales and true love exist, wrapping her stories up with angst, passion and curveballs you won’t see coming.

Her writing aims to bring problems and tragedies people face every day to light, make them relatable and leave her readers thinking long after they’ve read the last page.




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Cover Reveal: Damaged Perfection by Nicki Rae

Damaged Perfection
Nicki Rae

Guilt is dangerous.

It rules my life.

I am riddled with it.

After fifteen years, you would think it would lessen.

It hasn’t.

Drugs numb it, women relieve it.

But it always returns, stronger and heavier.


The light, it is refreshing.

It gets closer and I reach for it.

But it is always just out of my grasp.


Author Bio:

Nicki Rae was born in Dayton, Ohio. Today she resides just outside of Indianapolis with her husband, her nine year old son and her zoo full of animals; two cats (Sam and Shelby), fish, a bearded dragon (Spike) and a tarantula (Bill).
Nicki has a degree in Human Resources and is a banker by trade.

Along with being an avid reader, she is also a lover of music and a HUGE sports fan (Go Colts!).

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Review: Lies Beneath the Surface (Buried Secrets #2) by Silla Webb

Lies beneath the Surface
Silla Webb

This book contains very disturbing situations, dubious consent, strong language, sexually explicit content and graphic violence.

PLEASE read Covered in Coal prior to reading Lies Beneath the Surface. Lies Beneath the Surface is NOT a cliffhanger.

Carly Jo Simon carries the weight of the world on her shoulders.

When she unearthed her daddy’s secrets, she had no idea the repercussions she would be faced to live with. Now, his secrets are her own to carry, as she fights to protect her sister Savannah from their daddy’s daunting past and their bastard brother Drew.
Savannah wears a mask of perfection, shielding everyone from the reality of her personal imprisonment. When Savannah’s secrets are exposed, Carly stands by her, hand in hand, offering Savannah the comfort and strength she needs to move on.

Despite carrying the weight of other’s secrets on her back, Carly’s own secrets burden her deeply. Although she battled to keep her heart safely guarded from Colton Weston, he owns every inch of her. But when Carly turned her back on Colton and opened her arms to her best friend Luke, she made a mistake that could shatter all three of their lives.

They all have something to hide. But it’s the secrets that lie beneath the surface that could destroy them all.


Lies Beneath the Surface (Buried Secrets #2) is set in the coal fields of Eastern Kentucky. The dialect used throughout this book is true Eastern Kentucky dialect. We drop our g’s, we say ya, instead of you, and a coal MINE, is a Coal MINES…please remember this when you are reading. It is NOT grammatical errors, it’s simply the dialect of the characters shining through, speaking as true Eastern Kentuckians.


My 4.5 star review

I just finished Lies Beneath the Surface and I am still sitting here with my mouth hanging wide open. Silla Webb you just took me on a very emotional rollercoaster ride!  There is love, romance, violence, drama, and evilness in this book. (okay not sure if that is even a word but it speaks for itself) I thought I knew what was going on and then I was like… What? When? And how the hell did this happen?!

Colton you are still one hot sexy beast! I wanted to dive right into the book and hold Colton and bring him back to live with me a couple of times but I also felt that in Covered in Coal too. Now Colton is sexy period but what makes him over the top sexy is how he is with his daughter Heidi Jo. He has me swooning over here every time.

Luke is hot too just not Colton hot. He is Carly Jo’s best friend and Colton is not a fan of any man laughing, smiling, or touching his woman. Luke has been through a lot and my heart breaks for him. He deserves to be happy and loved for the man that he is emotional baggage and all.

Now Carly Jo is a spitfire sassy ass woman. She will tell you how it is and will not apologize for it and I freaking love her!! I also love how she is with Heidi Jo too. She has loved Colton for a long time now and he had marked her as his years ago. But will the secrets they all have, destroy that love or renew it through and through? I can’t tell you that much other than you are in for a great read.

I will not spoil this book for you because I want you to read this book and enjoy every minute of it. With that being said here is what I think. I gave this book a 4.5 because I feel like the beginning of this book was rushed just a little bit. BUT…that is my opinion and my opinion only. There are so many other things going on in Lies Beneath the Surface that will knock your damn socks off! I will say that I really wasn’t a big fan of Savannah in Covered in Coal but damn I was too quick to judge. I now love this character and she now holds a special place in my heart. I am so glad that we got to have more of her.

Silla Webb you are a fabulous author and I can’t wait to get my hands on book three. You have to believe me when I tell you there are so many different things going on in my mind right about now!!

Buy Links

Covered in Coal

Release Tour: Shine by Joann H. Buchanan

Joann H. Buchanan

After that, I took the memory card from my camera and put it into the computer to pull up the images. One by one they came up. First were the pictures of the small trees with the beautiful yellow hues of light sparkling behind them. Across the sky, grey clouds formed and rays of light shined through them. I flipped through the photos, taking a quick look at all of them. As I reached the end of the file, I was sure I had imagined everything I had witnessed. Then the last three pictures showed him coming into view. Magical, miraculous, my jaw dropped as I pressed print on the small printer. A lifetime passed while I waited for the printer to finish spitting out the photos. With a sigh, I paced back and forth a little. Waiting wasn’t something I did well.

I looked at the pictures without blinking. I had captured the ray of light with Samuel in it. His body appeared like nothing more than an orb, or could even have been explained away. In the next picture, his body formed, almost ghostly in appearance. Finally, in the last one, Samuel landed on the ground. His wings had disappeared and the man I met was there.

I had seen it happen; it was real. It was proof enough to me that I wasn’t some crazed lunatic. Samuel had come from the sky. Questions still lingered in my mind. What was he doing there? How did I get to my car? There was nothing on the file after the last three images I’d printed. Fear grew inside me the more I thought about what could have happened on the way to my car. I couldn’t quite picture it, but I knew Samuel had saved me. I didn’t know what from, and I didn’t know why, but he had. Why couldn’t I remember?
Author Bio:
Joann H. Buchanan is a mother of five children, and has a wonderful husband who supports her passion for the written word. She owns a small audiobook company named Empire voices. Empire Voices creates audiobooks.
You can stop off at www.empirevoices.com for more information.
Her upcoming releases include Shine, After Dark book 3 in The Children of Nox series, and Empires Lost book 1 Keleigh.
She is in two anthologies, Horror in Bloom and Hidden in Your World.
For more information about After Dark, or the blog tour for After Dark please visit www.joannhbuchanan.blogspot.com, or www.facebook.com/JoannHBuchanan. To arrange a book signing or interview, contact her representatives at 541-813-1113 or joannhbuchanan@charter.net
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