Friday, April 4, 2014

Her by Angel

She is brilliant, funny, lovely, amazing, humble, and
simply perfectly imperfect.
I am so glad that we crossed paths and that I have her in my life. We are two halves of one soul. We share the most sad, darkest pasts that you can ever imagine. We are both very strong woman and we fight for what we want. She feel that she has flaws and she see all ugliness, but I don’t see any of that.
I see beauty, compassion, loyalty, and passion. I wish she could see what I see. She makes me feel strong and she will put me in my place if I start feeling sad and getting down on myself. I just want her to know that I believe in her and she should never give up on her dreams ever.
You my friend are worth everything and you deserve everything. You are a rare and precious treasure, please never forget that!

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