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Review for Heartbreaker by Inara Scott

She’s made a few…

Dropped out of high school? Check. Ran away with loser boyfriend at age sixteen? Check. Fell for every line from every guy? Sadly, check. But now, Tess Papion has started over. Juggling multiple part-time jobs while finishing her college degree, she’s not letting anything get in her way. Especially not a sexy angel investor with “one-night disaster” written all over him. 

Mason Coleman just inherited a 200-pound invalid Mastiff—and an intriguing, unusual, and thoroughly infuriating dog nanny who turns his life upside down the moment she steps through his front door. No matter how she makes him feel Mason doesn’t do commitment—so what happens when he falls for her? And worse, what happens when she wants nothing to do with him?

My 3.5 star review

I really enjoyed this book.

There were times in this story that I just wanted to shake some sense into the characters.

Tess and Mason are two individuals that are extremely after of commitment.

One of them had a horrible past and they build this super tall skyscraper around their heart. The other has a huge heart but they never give themselves enough credit.

This read reminded me of of the movie Shes all that...but I a million times better and more adult. 

Friday, February 22, 2019

Review for My Favorite half-night stand by Christina Lauren

Millie Morris has always been one of the guys. A UC Santa Barbara professor, she’s a female-serial-killer expert who’s quick with a deflection joke and terrible at getting personal. And she, just like her four best guy friends and fellow professors, is perma-single.

So when a routine university function turns into a black tie gala, Mille and her circle make a pact that they’ll join an online dating service to find plus-ones for the event. There’s only one hitch: after making the pact, Millie and one of the guys, Reid Campbell, secretly spend the sexiest half-night of their lives together, but mutually decide the friendship would be better off strictly platonic.

But online dating isn’t for the faint of heart. While the guys are inundated with quality matches and potential dates, Millie’s first profile attempt garners nothing but dick pics and creepers. Enter “Catherine”—Millie’s fictional profile persona, in whose make-believe shoes she can be more vulnerable than she’s ever been in person. Soon “Catherine” and Reid strike up a digital pen-pal-ship...but Millie can’t resist temptation in real life, either. Soon, Millie will have to face her worst fear—intimacy—or risk losing her best friend, forever.

My 5 Star review

Christina Lauren what are you doing to me. I swear I fall in love with every character you two write!!!

Millie is my new favorite book character! She is so closed off and hate to share personal stuff. This is particularly me!!!! I just love her. She is super smart and flipping hilarious!

Reid is...well hello he is Reid and I invision this hot sexy professor. You know that ones that are way to hot that you can't even pay attention to what they are saying! That would be him!

But honestly all of these characters are hilarious and very loveable. I didn't want to put this book down nor did I want it to end!

I loved every second of this book!

Bravo ladies for killing it again!

While reading this book all I could think of was....this song!

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Release day/review for Boyfriend for Hire by Kendall Ryan

By Kendall Ryan
Release Day – Feb 19th

I’m the guy you call when you need to impress your overbearing family, your boss, or your ex.

Yeah, I'm a male escort, but not just any escort, I’m the escort. The one with a mile-long waiting list and a pristine reputation that’s very well-deserved.

I’m the guy who’ll make you feel beautiful, desired, and worshipped . . . all for a steep price. I’m hired to make you shine, and I always deliver.

I’ll be whatever you want me to be for one night—except my true self. This is just a job, a role I play to earn a paycheck.

But I’m not the guy who falls for a client. Not once in six years. And then I meet Elle. Her friend has hired me to escort her to a wedding, but Elle doesn’t know we’re just pretending.

There’s a fire between us I never expected. A connection I haven’t felt in so long. One kiss, and I’m losing all control. But what will happen when she finds out who I really am?

Amazon ➜
Amazon UK ➜

My 4 star review

This book is super freaking cute!

It takes one special person to turn you whole world around. I can tell you that I will miss these two characters!

They are everything you want in a book character. Genuine, amazing, kind, loving, real, honest, and so much more.

Nic is a Male escort and I am not judging...we all have a right to do what we want and when we want it.

Elle is a young woman that had so many self esteem issues but they were caused by her ex boyfriend.

Omg there is a scene at the wedding and Elle's ex Jeremy was there and he said this thing to her.....if I was there I would of shown this fool cray cray! Times ten!!! (My husband over here is shaking his head at me)

So any who, go one click them gem when it comes out. You will love it and it is a super fast read. Enjoy book nerds!

While reading this book the song None of your business by Salt-N-Pepa kept playing on repeat in my head!


A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than three dozen titles, Kendall Ryan has sold over 2.5 million books and her books have been translated into several languages in countries around the world. 

Release Blitz/Review for The Wrong Gentleman by Louise Bay

THE WRONG GENTLEMAN by Louise Bay Release Date: February 19th  

AVAILABLE NOW! Grab it for $2.99 during release week ONLY! Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon CA: Amazon AU: Apple Books: Kobo: B&N:


 I’m an all-or-nothing man—100 percent focused on whatever has my attention. First it was serving my country in the Special Forces. Then it was building my business. Right now it’s the hot blonde at the bar who’s about to become another notch on my bedpost. But women never keep my attention for more than a night. Until I peel off Skylar Anderson’s clothes and her mask starts to crumble, showing me glimpses of the girl she’s hiding. She’s funny, sexy and vulnerable and throws me out of bed before I can catch my breath and suggest breakfast. When I start my last undercover job on a yacht, turns out, she’s one of the crew. I try, but I can’t look away. Her high ponytail shows off her kissable neck that tastes like summer. Her short uniform reveals the killer legs that were wrapped around me last night. And her provocative smile? I know what that mouth is capable of. I want to explore her body, discover her secrets and sail off into the sunset with her. I might want to go all in for Skylar, but she should stay away from me. I’ve got secrets of my own and they can only bring her trouble. 

 This is a stand-alone novel.   

My 4 star review:

Landon is a man that used to be in the Special Forces. 

He just sold his business and now one of his Special Forces buddies needs a favor. 

Skyler is a young woman that plans to yacht for the rest of her career. She loves doing what she does. She over sees a full crew and the owners love her.

One night before Landon goes on his mission he meets Skyler and let's just say he gives her a night she will never forget. 

Skyler knows what she wants in life. She wants money and she has a checklist for the perfect man. Oh and he better be rich. 

Well let's be real, that is what she wants people to think of her. 

This story is the perfect love story. We all have flaws and I am sure we have have told a lie or two to protect ourselves and others.

Louise Bay does not disappoint!

About the Author

Sign up for the Louise Bay newsletter: Reading order:

USA Today bestselling author, Louise Bay writes sexy, contemporary romance novels - the kind she likes to read. Her books include the novels The Empire State Series, Parisian Nights, Promised Nights,Indigo Nights, King of Wall Street, Park Avenue Prince and Duke of Manhattan. Each novel is stand-alone. Ruined by bonk-busters and sexy mini-series of the eighties Louise loves all things sexy and romantic. There's not enough of it in real life so she disappears into the fictional worlds in books and films. Louise loves the rain, the West Wing, London, days when she doesn't have to wear make-up, being on her own, being with friends, elephants and champagne. She loves to hear from readers so get in touch! @louisesbay  Also on pinterest, instagram and google+

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Review for Boss by Katy Evans

By Katy Evans 
Coming March 1st

“We play by my rules now.” —

Kit, the new boss Who does Kit Walker think he is? The trust-fund heir waltzes in and wants to boss me around, but if I catch him misbehaving, his father will yank his inheritance. Stalemate, right? 

Not when our chemistry is irresistible! Ironically, we run the top dating app. Could this be my “perfect match”…or the perfect scandal? —Alexandra, the one in charge 

My 4 star review

I love me some Katy Evans. I was so excited when Netgalley approved me to read and review this book.

Alexandra is the best at Cupids Arrow and everyone knows it. Even the CEO Alistair knows it and he groomed her to be great! 

Then out of the blue Alistair decides to retire and leave his son Kit in charge of is pride and joy. I really like how much Alistar cares for Alexandra, it is like a father daughter thing.

Now that Kit is running the place he and Alexandra are all out of sorts. He has never worked a day in his life but Alexandra has. I fell like Kit is a little jealous of Alexandra because his father speaks so highly of her and he pretty much just let her run her team with no supervision. 

Alexandra doesn't know if she hates him or wants me. That is completely unlike her to do and feel so much. She is not use to his presents or the heated stares he gives her.

Then one drunken to honest night changes things up just a little. And no dirty nerd it us not what you think...or is it.

I can tell you that this man Kit is a true gentlemen and I love it! I actually loved everything about this read. 

Heck I even thought that Alistar planned the whole thing out...having these two youngsters working together but I was wrong. will love how it all starts, happens, and end. 

Oh and I cant wait for book two...that will be Kit's brother William's story. 

About the Author

Katy Evans is the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of over a dozen novels, starting with her blockbuster debut romance, Real. She writes sexy contemporary romances with smoldering hot alpha males.

Facebook: Twitter: IG: Join Katy's reader group on Facebook:

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Cover Reveal: Ms Baker by Lea Coll

Today we have the cover reveal for Lea Coll’s MS. BAKER. Check it out and be sure to grab your copy March 26th!

Title: Ms. Baker
Author: Lea Coll
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 26th

About Ms. Baker:
Ever since Jack protected Samantha from a high school bully, the two have been friends. But she wants more from the sexy firefighter. Too bad Jack has always seen her as the shy sweet girl, who can’t stand up for herself.

She can’t resist his boyish smile when he stops by the bakery for coffee. Or stop herself from bringing baked goods to the fire station.

It’s time to prove she’s all grown up and can take care of herself.

And show him, she’s done being friends

Exclusive Excerpt:

My eyes traveled around the room until I saw Jack leaning against the counter by the coffee machine in his department-issued navy blue shirt, blue cargo pants, and boots. I flushed to find his eyes on mine. I couldn’t get the feel of his hands or lips out of my head. He made no move to grab a donut, so I walked over to him. “Not hungry this morning?” I asked.
“Oh, I’m always hungry,” he said, his eyes steady on mine as he took a sip of his coffee.
After the dream I had, I couldn’t help but take that comment literally. “You should eat an apple cider donut before they’re gone," I said, my heart pounding, I turned to grab a plate to hide my face, but Jack grabbed my hand pulling me back. “Don’t worry about it, I can get it myself,” he said.
The movement knocked me off balance and I fell back onto his hard chest. His arm came around my middle to steady me. “Whoa there,” he whispered into my ear, as his body curled around mine. “I said I can get it myself. You’ve been on your feet all morning. Why don’t you sit down and rest?”
I heard the guys joking around me, but couldn’t follow their conversation.
“Samantha?” Jack’s voice caressed my ear again.
“Yeah?” I asked, breathing in the smell of coffee, and leaning my head back a little to look up at him. His eyes crinkled in amusement and his lips tilted up into a smile.
“Are you going to sit down?”
His chest was warm on my back, and my hands instinctively gripped his bare forearms, which were wrapped around my waist. I wanted to sink back into him even more, but I reluctantly moved out of his hold, feeling the loss of warmth immediately. I shook my head to clear it and pulled a stool from the island to sit down. The guys were still standing around the counter, but the box of donuts was almost empty.

About the Author:
Lea Coll worked as a trial attorney for over ten years. Now she stays home with her three children, plotting stories while fetching snacks and running them back and forth to activities. She enjoys the freedom of writing romance after years of legal writing.

She grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania and currently resides in Maryland with her family.

Connect with Lea:

Blog Tour: Review for Someone Like You by Alexandra Silva

Alexandra Silva’s Someone Like You is out now! Check it out the tour and be sure to grab your copy today!!

Title: Someone Like You
Author: Alexandra Silva
Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Someone Like You:

Dorian Anson is my friend. She's the only person who's ever questioned my smiles. My jokes. The one liners that have our friends shaking their heads at me.
I've lived my life on those smiles. They never failed me, until her.

I wasn't counting on her when I designed my front. I never imagined the possibility of someone like her coming into my life.

The wild hair, the kind smile and those eyes that see everything.

She was the girl with the beautiful soul, pretty face and whole heart. But hearts aren't made to stay whole.

I watched hers break. I watched her tears fall. I watched as her world tilted on its axis and shattered at her feet.

This girl.

She sees me, all parts of me—the truths I try to hide, the secrets I bury. What's mine and what's not.

She sees it all, and I can only hope the truth isn't too much. That she won't walk away.

That she won't leave me...alone.

We both have a past. We have ghosts. We have fears.

I'm hoping that somehow in the end, we'll have each other too.

I've never needed anyone before her, and I know I'll never want anyone else after her.

There is no one like her.

My pretty girl.


Grab Your Copy Today:

 My 4 star review:

I didn't read books one and two but I am totally ok with that. I am not sure if they can be read separately or not. But I did it!

Jake is one of the main characters. He is a doctor, somewhat of a manwhore, an amazing guy, and he adores the people he let's into his life.But there is a side to Jake that no ones knows except for his sister Eleanor and his best friend Jamie.

Dorian is another main character. She is a single mother to a child under the age of ten. Her fiance left her and he passed away. 

This character is my favorite! She is dealing with lose on her own terms. It has been years she has never moved on. I could not even imagine what I would do or how I could even move on.

Then there is Jake. One night of drinking and flirting and they both cross the line of no return. 

This book was super cute and I really enjoyed it. I love that it isn't your typical book. This is something that can happen to your best friend. 

Also the book was written so well, it was as if I was a character in the story and they were all my friends chatting. 

Super good!

And don't judge but Someone Like you by Adele was legitly playing in my head reading this book. 

About the Author:

Alexandra Silva is a lover of words and romance. She blames the classics and a nutty English teacher for her obsession with books and fiction. Come rain or shine with either coffee or wine in hand you can find her with her nose stuck in a book and her head in the clouds. She lives in London outnumbered by her very loud boys, with her very own hero and their two wild cats--Jack and Jill.

Connect with Alexandra:

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Cover Reveal for The edge of Forever by J. Saman

Today we have the cover reveal of The Edge of Forever by J. Saman! Check out this gorgeous cover and be sure to preorder your copy today!

Title: The Edge of Forever
Author: J. Saman
Genre: Contemporary romance
Release Day: March 19th

About The Edge of Forever
Weston Kincaid was my first…everything.

My brother's best friend should have come with a warning label. The man was a cautionary tale and we were the ill-fated cliché. The star quarterback to my loner art geek. But I didn't listen. Not to the warnings. Not to my instincts. I fell, and I fell hard. 

Then he was gone. In the blink of an eye, I went from loving him to hating him. 

A decade and a lifetime later, he's back. Only instead of being the star jock, he's now a surgeon. A sexy, irresistible surgeon who happens to save my best friend's life. And as if all that isn't bad enough, he has it in his gorgeous, arrogant head that we should pick up where we left off.

Little does he know, I'm not the same girl he left behind. 

Pre-Order Your Copy Today!

Exclusive Excerpt:
Twisting back in the other direction, I start, my arms dropping to my chest as a small frightened gasp escapes my lips. Someone is standing in the doorway, leaning against the metal frame watching me. Our eyes lock. My breath catches in my chest. Because there is no possible way I’m seeing who I think I’m seeing.
My eyes blink. Focus. Then blink again.
No. Just no.
My lungs burn from lack of oxygen. My cheeks heat and my stomach flutters with nervous butterflies as I squint, trying to confirm what my body seems to already know. What my body remembers.
“No way,” I whisper aloud.
A slow easy smile curls up the corners of his mouth, his pale green eyes turning from incredulous to astounded to possibly amused. We stare at each other for a moment, unable to drag our eyes away. He tilts his head to the side, his smile turning lopsided as some of his hair flops over his forehead. My heart. Holy crap, it’s out of control. I forgot how gorgeous he is. How devastating that smile is.
Visions of the last time I saw him flash unbidden into my brain. I can’t stop them, and the faster the images come, the hotter my face and body grow.
His face above mine. Our naked bodies pressed together, limbs intertwined. The sounds he made as he came inside of me. The way I stared into him as I came. Holy shit. I cannot believe this moment. And hell, there are so many more moments than our last. I want to revel in them. Sit in a bath with a glass of wine and relive each one, one at a time like I’m stealing back that what has been taken from me.
Ever so slowly, he stalks across the room in my direction with a purpose I cannot ignore.
And then I realize where I am. And then I realize what he’s wearing. Scrubs.
I blink again. Admiring his chest and then his legs and then his shoes and then back up to his face. Because suddenly he’s standing before me, so goddamn tall and beautiful as he says, “Aria Davenport.”
“Weston Kincaid.”
What are the freaking odds? Ten years and a lifetime in between and now here I am. Staring up into the eyes of the man who was my first… everything. The man who shattered my adolescent, love-sick heart into pieces when he left.

About the Author:
J. Saman loves all types of novels, but finds herself always going back to writing/reading romances. She's addicted to Diet Coke and sour candy, and swears way too much. She's an admitted lover of picking at old wounds, second chance romances, love triangles and the perfect amount of angst . She writes smart, strong women and sexy alpha (slightly nerdy) men who have
Connect with J. Saman:

Cover Reveal: Junk Mail by Kendall Ryan

It all started with a sexy selfie.

Texted to the wrong number.


Not my finest moment—but I have nothing to be ashamed of.

She thought I was no better, and I quote, than the knuckle-dragging douche-bags she was never dating again.

It was a stupid dare from a girl I’d met online, but since she’d given me a fake number, I didn’t feel bad that my interests were suddenly focused elsewhere—on the fiery and sharp-tongued, Peyton that I found myself sparring with over text for the rest of the evening.

The following day, my case of mistaken identity came back to bite me in the banana.

When I strolled into the office, I was introduced to Peyton as the new client I needed to win over. The Peyton, in case you're not tracking.

And let’s just say she had my full attention.

Brains? Check.

Beauty? Oh yeah.

And the best part? She hated me on sight. 

Dear God, do I love a challenge. 

Let the games begin.

Audio: Live release 4/23 - Narration by Joe Arden & Savannah Peachwood


A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author of more than three dozen titles, Kendall Ryan has sold over 2.5 million books and her books have been translated into several languages in countries around the world.
Her books have also appeared on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists more than 70 times. Ryan has been featured in such publications as USA Today, Newsweek, and InTouch Magazine.
She lives in Texas with her husband and two sons.
Visit her at: for the latest book news, and fun extras

Review for Take Me Back by Meghan March

We fell in love on a beach, got married in paradise, and I carried her off into the sunset. It should have been perfect, but saying “I do” doesn’t guarantee a happily-ever-after. Two years later, I barely recognize either of us behind the walls we’ve built. It’s time to bring it full circle. Back to a tropical paradise. Back to find out if we can still make this work. I’m not willing to give her up, but to save us, I have to risk everything. Two damaged people. Countless secrets. The fight of our lives. We might be broken, but we’re not done.

My 5 star review

What did I just read?!

This book had me on the edge of my sit the entire time. Let me just say that Dane gave me all kinds of feels. First I think he is a dick and now I think I have a crush on him!

Kat and Dane are two people that have been married for two years. They are falling apart and they are headed to a 10 day get away. This getaway will either make them or break them.

Dane and Kat are crazy in love with each other but they really have never showed it. When you start a relationship with lies...shit can go down hill.

So as I am listening to this Audiobook and I these two are flirting I thought that happiness was on their side. Then BOOM!

All hell break loose and something that I never saw coming happened! I absolutely loved this book! Meghan March I think I have a girl crash on you!

The song that kept going through my head was Say by John Mayer

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Review for Down We'll Come, Baby by Carrie Aarons


There is no way we can still love and cherish one and other.

When I married Theo Walsh, the rough, bearded townie who worked construction on my family’s summer house, I’d found my happily ever after.

That was before the fighting.

Before the jealousy.

Before the infertility.

We’ll be divorced long before death does us part.

But to secure my place in the family dynasty, there is just one more hoop I have to jump through. And I need him to do it.

Faking the marriage we once thrived in will gut me.

Especially with the secret I’m carrying.


I would have sacrificed for her until the end of time.

My job.
My home.

My happiness.

I’d given it all up to marry her. That’s how much I loved Imogen Weston, the daughter to one of the world’s richest families.

From the day we met, I’d done nothing but try to live up to the man she expected to be with. And now, I was done.

Sure, I’d complete this one final ask of hers, even if it destroyed me.

But I’ve made her promise the one thing that might save me. She swore that after she got everything she ever wanted, she wouldn’t look back.

I made my wife vow to leave me forever.

  DOWN WE'LL COME, BABY by Carrie Aarons is LIVE & FREE IN KU 🖤

A secret baby. 
A bearded husband. 
A divorce pact. 

Go one-click now!
Amazon US➝
Amazon UK➝
Amazon CA➝
Amazon AU➝

My 5 star review

I love me some Carrie Aaron! Every book she writes I absolutely love. 

This book broke my heart.
This book got into the behind the scenes of a marriage, power, and money.

This book will take you on a journey of a Husband and a Wife who are madly in love with one another but outside forces are ripping them apart. 

Theo is everything you would ever want in a loving husband. But let's be honest no one is perfect and he too played a part in the destruction of his marriage. 

Immy is a strong fierce woman who lives to please her family. In my opinion her father is the devil and he is wanting her soul and in order to sell her soul...she has to destroy her happiness. 

But this book though!!! I loved it. Every word of this book will make you fall in love with Theo and Immy.

This song that was playing in my head while reading this book was..

Happy reading book nerds. 


Author of romance novels such as Red Card and Privileged, Carrie Aarons writes books that are just as swoon-worthy as they are sarcastic. A former journalist, she prefers the stories she dreams up, and the yoga pant dress code, much better.

When she isn't writing, Carrie is busy binging reality TV, having a love/hate relationship with cardio, and trying not to burn dinner. She lives in the suburbs of New Jersey with her husband, daughter and dog.