Sunday, September 18, 2016

Cover Reveal for Zero F*cks by LK Collins

Zero F*cks Synopsis-

I fell in love with Cameron Hollis the moment I laid eyes on her.
She was everything to me.
We had nothing but a clean slate ahead of us, until the day I made the biggest mistake of my life.
I let her go. It was for her own good…at least that’s what I told myself.
That was five years ago. Now my tour is over, and I’m home.
Nothing matters without her.
But I won’t go after her, the guilt I have is too much to face.
I lied…about so many things, she’ll never look at me the same way.
Zero f*cks, that’s how I live now.
Part of me died the day Nixon Andrews broke my f*cking heart.
He became a Navy Seal and then decided the course of my future, like he had the f*ckin’ power.
Because he didn’t want to see me end up hurt. He was protecting me…from him.
But I didn’t need protecting, I just needed Nixon.
Even if he was halfway across the world, I needed to know that no matter what, we were going to be okay.
That was five years ago and still not a single word from him…

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From International Bestselling Author, LK Collins, comes Zero F*cks a sexy new standalone novel showing that true love never dies, and how a broken heart can cause you to give zero f*cks. LK writes an array of emotionally and sexy gripping Erotic Romance novels. Her stories are compelling and will draw you in from page one, and with twists and turns along the way, she always keeps her readers enthralled 'til the end. When LK’s not lost in the minds of her characters, you can find her on the beach with her family, where her husband and writing partner, “The Prezident,” are sure to be plotting out her next tale.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Review for Why Lie by Carey Heywood

People here think they know me. They assume things about me because of the way I dress and my tattoos. 

I am so much more. 

I thought you saw that. So, I let you in. You made it easy to fall for you. Turns out I was the only one falling. 

I hope you're happy. 
No, that's a lie and you're better than I am at telling those

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My  5 Star Review 

This book was amazing and I loved every word.

Sydney is a young lady who I get. I really enjoyed her character. She is sweet and feisty all in the same breath.

Heath is a man that most women to dream about. He is gentle and very loving and he shows it over and over again.

Now....again I love this book and I love the title because it fits perfectly with this story.

Heath and Sydney have been friend friends if you know what I mean and then she hears the worst gossip in the world.

Everything she knew is now destroyed. Every word out of his lying mouth means nothing.

Then the truth comes out and Heath fights like heck to try and right his wrongs.

I know you are sitting there thinking what she is talking about. Well go out and get this book and then you will get it all.

Why Lie is more than just a book to me. Why Lie is now my new motto in life. We all think that lying to spare someone's feelings is the right thing to do but it really is the complete opposite. Then that small lie blows up in our face and we end up hurting the ones that we never wanted to hurt.

So Why Lie!

About the Author:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author. She was born and raised in Alexandria, Virginia. Supporting her all the way are her husband, three sometimes-adorable children, a mischievous black cat, and their nine-pound attack Yorkie.


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Why Now?
Why Lie?

Him and Her Series:

Sawyer Says
Being Neighborly (a novella)

Carolina Days:

The Other Side of Someday
Yesterday's Half Truths
Chasing Daylight

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A Bridge of Her Own
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Thursday, September 8, 2016

My review for The Arrogant Architect by LK Collins

King is arrogant, cocky, and everything your heart tells you to stay away from. 
Ever is sassy and strong willed. 
Together these two are explosive...but getting there is a challenge. A challenge King happily accepts no matter how bad Ever fights it. 


Kingsley Lennox, AKA King, has been dubbed a genius of the architectural world. Anything he touches turns to gold, and being as successful as he is, his work is his number one priority. He doesn't have time to date or deal with the slew of women that gawk at him just because of his perfect face and chiseled body. Plus, no one has interested him enough to give a shit, until the smart mouthed Everly Adams, AKA Ever, wakes to the noise of him restoring the building next door to hers. 

Ever, like King, doesn't have the time or the desire to date, she's been through so much. So when she meets King, she can't help but want nothing at all to do with the arrogant asshole. For one, they share nothing in common. For another, he's pompous, cocky, and throws his money around as if that will win her heart. Did I mention he's fucking crazy and very controlling? No, thank you! 

But when King sets his mind to something, he accomplishes it...always has, always will. Ever is the biggest challenge he's faced, but will she be the only person he can't impress? 

Can King win her over, all while hiding the truth about who he really is? 
***This book is an Erotic Romance novel and contains mature subject matter. It is not intended for those under 18 years of age.***


My 5 star review:

LK Collins what are you doing to me!!!!!

This book was unbelievable and beautifully written. Oh and now King is added to my list.

King (the main character) touched my heart in more ways than one. He is an arrogant drop dead sexy man. He is constantly on the go and he is an amazing architect.

But as you know there is more to every story and with this book you get so much more.

Ever (another main character) is a young woman who is drowning in life. She lost her mother and I don't think she has really has coped with it. I mean let's be we really ever?!

Then like a Tornado Ever and King meet and both of their life change. Sometimes there are people that are put in our lives when we least except it and they are put there for many different reasons.

I am a very passionate readers and I believe that about books as well....because I needed this book in my life.

This book touches a very sensitive subject and I am so damn happy that I got the chance to read this book.

I laughed, cried, smiled, pouted, and a bunch of other stuff while reading this book.

Lk Collins you never disappoint me nor am I ever bored while reading your books. I love reading your books because you eat, breathe, and bleed every single word that is written on these very pages. It shows in each and every book that you write.

What I love the most is that at least one or more people can relate to every book that you write. These are real people and real stories.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing what we as readers only dream about.

About the Author:

Six-time bestselling author, LK Collins, writes emotionally and sexy gripping Erotic Romance novels. Her stories are compelling and will draw you in from page one, and with twists and turns along the way, she always keeps her readers enthralled 'til the end. When LK's not lost in the minds of her characters, you can find her on the beach with her family, where her husband and writing partner, "The Prezident," are sure to be plotting out her next tale.

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