Friday, March 14, 2014

Us By Angel

You make me happy, crazy, stressed out, frantic, and a million other things. You had me the very first time I seen your handsome, sexy face in highschool. You made me feel like I had millions of butterflies in my belly. You were the sweestest guy to me. You would talk to me everyday about anything and everything. I was heart broken when I left your highschool and had to move to a different highschool.
Then I seen you again eleven years later and I had butterflies once again. But you were engaged and happy with another woman and I was engaged to a man that you knew. I was so nervous that I told you to your face that I didn't rememeber you at all. I couldn't even look at you, because I knew that you could see right through me. The feeling that I had at that very moment was unexplanable, but it was as if the world stopped.
Thanksgiving 2011 you requested me on facebook. Yes good old facebook! I of course accepted your request right away. I rememeber like it was yesterday. I was curling my hair getting ready to go out and I inboxed you, to tell you how beautiful your daughter was. Then I told you that I was going to my friend's house and you should text me so I didn't burn myself while I was curling my hair. So not true. LOL! I just wanted to see if you would text me and you did. You even went to my friend's house, cause she was your friend too. It was getting late so we decided it was time to go home, but we ended up talking outside in the freezing cold till midnight. Call us crazy...probably

We had an unbelievable romance. We got matching tattoos to represent one another. We literally seen each other everyday since day one and when we weren't together we would talk to each other on the phone. After being together for just 6 months (June 2011) we hopped on a plane to Puerto Rico and had the best 5 days ever! It was crazy romantic! I got to wake up and throw my sexy white swimming suit on and lay out in the sun till you woke up. It was the most prefect relaxing vacation ever. I remember that we were swimming in the ocean and something bite my foot and I jumped up in your arms. Then you looked into my eyes and told me how much you loved me and wanted to know if I felt the same way for you. Naturally I said yes because I was so head over heels in love with you. Then you pulled a baggy out of your swimming trunks and gave me the prettiest promise ring ever and you said " I love you and I am telling you not promising you that you will be my wife one day and I will be your husband." Oh yea and that bite on my foot was me getting stung by a jellyfish. (Peeing on it doesn't work, that is a damn lie. LOL)

Now it is March 2014 and we have had a lot of ups and downs. Hell we have had one to many for my taste but we are human and so not perfect. We tend to bring out the worst of each other and we tend to bring the best out of each other. There has been fights, tears, breaks, but we always find our way back to each other. I hope and pray that we continue to overcome every little thing that comes between us, because you are my person. You are the man that I want to wake up to every morning, kiss every night, make love to every chance I get. You are my best-friend and I am so happy that I have you in my life.


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