Sunday, March 23, 2014

Interview with a Non-reader Lee Million

1. When is the last time you picked up a book?
The last book that I have read was Semblance by Logan Patricks. I had to read this book because my girlfriend would not stop talking about Shadow and Lincoln. (I needed to get a look at my competition)

My dear sweet boyfriend, I never made read this book. I only encouraged you to find out who your replacement is going to be. Oh and when I say replacement I mean replacements.
2. Do you feel threatened by all of these book boyfriends that your girlfriend has grown to love?
No, because out of every character she reads I feel like I have a similar quality in myself. So she basically won with lottery with me, because she get all her book boyfriend in one with me. Plus I have tattoos too and I hear guys with tattoos are pretty sexy.

So full of yourself. LOL I did win the lottery with you, oh and yes guys with tattoos are so very yummy.
3. Why do you choose not to read books?
I have not read a book since highschool and I am now 33. I only read Semblance because of my girlfriend. I also read my woman's book blog, so those are my book. (I hope I earn point for that. LOL) I hate to say this and please don't hate me, but I am not a reader. BUT I really enjoy hearing my girlfriend express her taughts and feeling about the books she reads.

So glad you enjoy hearing me ramble on about all my many book boyfriends. Hope you never change your mind, I have witness now. :)
4. If you were to read and with you being a MALE what genre would you read?
Well IF and IF I was to start reading book....Ummmm it would have to be what can I say I am a man so I choose Erotica. Only because I witnessed my girlfriend sip soda out of her mouth while reading Double Time by Olivia Cunning and I laughed my ass off, cause her cheeks were so red.

Very good answer!!! Thanks for embarrassing me.
5. Out of all your girlfriend"s book boyfriends, who would you be?
Well.....I would have to say Twitch from Raw by Belle Aurora, only because I have tattoos and I can relate to him back in the day when I was younger.
I also choose Everett Brown from Shadows of Scars and Sorrow by Mary E. Palmerin, because he is so intuned to his woman ands he is the only thing that matters in his life. Plus he can cut all the bullshit out of his life and focus on what is important.

Awww yes Everett Brown **Sigh** enough said!

Fire round questions
Favorite color
Top or Bottom
Round or square
Love or hate
Favorite word
Favorite place
Puerto Rico


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  1. Love this!!! And since I know now Lee can hang in a discussion with us crazy book girls I personally think he should give this reading thing a whirl. (P.S. I blushed a lot during Double Time too....that book is amazing!) Fun post!