Monday, March 24, 2014

Interview with Ken Bonney Non-Reader (my Dad)

(He was trying to see who's beard is longer)
1. What do you think about all these woman swooning over Christian Grey?
I guess they enjoy the Red Room of pain.

Sorry ladies my dad doesn't know who Christian Grey is, my mother had to school him.

2. How do you feel about your wife having book boyfriend?
I think that it is totally unfair being an older good looking male., because its ok for a woman to red that shit in the book but they get pissed off when a guy wants to look at a little porn/booty. It is unfair man and should be equal rights.

Again let me say this now. I am sorry my father is a whole different breed.

3. If you were considered being a book boyfriends who would play you?
Bruce Willis

He isnt lying he has seen all his he is chatting Bruce! Bruce! Bruce

4. If you were to read book what genre would choose?
If it isnt going to have pictures in this book....ummmm i will not read it.

This answer scares me, no wonder why all book as a kid had pictures and no words.

5. What was the last book you read?
Easy Rider magazine i just read it last night on the crapper.

Sadly i am witness there is a huge pile of those in his bathroom....and i even caught my son looking at them one day. (Equals not a happy mom)

Fire Round

Big or small
hand or feet
hands or mouth
tattoos or no tattoos
thongs or briefs
thongs. but I kinda like briefs if they are boy shorts for girls

Thank you Daddy for doing this interview with me. Now people can get a glimpse of my life and see how I came to inherit my craziness.
My father says if anyone out there would like to interview a sexy as old man with lots of gray hair with tattoos everywhere....Bring it on and ask away!

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