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Interview with Edward Stanbridge

Edward Stanbridge
 Author of Captive in the Storm

I have to say that I am so excited that I got to do an interview with the very talented Edward Stanbridge. I am a huge fan and every time I see that another part of Captive in the Storm is posted I literally stop what I am doing and go read it. Fine....I get emails when he post things. Yes I said it. But what can I say his writing is that damn good!!!


I just want to say thank you for doing this for my blog and me. ;)

It's a pleasure Cecily. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet your readers.
1. If you had 3 wishes what would they be?

Well, the first one - it’s worth trying since it remains a fantasy - would be for unlimited wishes so I don’t have to stop at 3. In fact, I’d be willing to trade all 3 wishes for this one *winks*. I would then wish for wisdom to use those wishes for the greater good. I don’t think I’d wish too many things for myself. I'm lucky to have wonderful people around me, a successful career, and an overall happy and comfortable life, so keeping it just the way it is would already be great. However, I may agree to grant other people’s wishes. Anything you want, Cecily?


Oh.. there are so many things that I would wish for, but I will keep those to myself. (such as a destination wedding)

2. If there was any place in the world you could go where would it be and why?

For the PG answer to that question, I’d say that since I'm passionate about history, I’d love to visit the parts of Europe I haven’t already visited, so Italy, Spain, Germany and Greece would definitely be on my list. However right now, I could really use a couple of months on a deserted island (okay, more like a 5-star private island with all the amenities, housekeeping and a chef!) where I could finish writing the book series I've been working on for the last year as well as enjoy the 18+ answer to that question...
3. If there were to be a movie based on your life, what actor would you choose to play you?

Christian Bale is one of my favorite actors and since he can play just about anything, I'm sure he could pull that one out. Robert De Niro could play the older me and manage to make me look far more interesting than what I really am.

4. Can you describe to me your perfect first date?
The best dates are often the improvised ones. I like spontaneity. I’m the type of guy who calls saying: "Hey, I just got that crazy idea, let’s do this." As much as I enjoy a 7-course dinner in a 5 diamonds restaurant, I think the best way to get to know what someone is made of is not only to talk, but to do something together. I’m a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I enjoy outdoor activities like mountain climbing, kayaking and snowboarding. Not everyone I date has to of course, but I like someone who is ready to try new things as much as I am.


Ladies....spontaneity! You got to love a man who flys by the seat of his pants. I hope men are reading this too.(you know who you are)

5. What is your favorite quote and why?

It's a classic, but I think the one I use the most often is "Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger" by Friedrich Nietzsche. I’ve tested it many times. Remember how terrified you (at least for most people) were the first time you had to speak in public? But the more you do it, the less intimidating it becomes. Of course, we can't choose what happens to us, we can't control it. The only thing we have control over is the way we're gonna to react to it. Sometimes we need help and we're not sure that we're gonna make of it, but when we do, it’s with thicker skin and the knowledge that we can survive. That knowledge can never be taken away from us.


I love this quote! Well done!

6. What is more intimate kissing or sex? Sorry I have to ask the question, due to your book.

Hahaha! Don’t be sorry, it’s fine. Not to go into "Pretty woman" wisdom, but I think that kissing is somewhat more intimate. The way someone kisses tells a lot about the feeling that person has towards you… or the person she’s thinking about while kissing you. Well, the same is true for sex, but you usually try the kissing first and if not, there’s very little chance that you’re in it for the long run. Maybe it’s just me, but as much as I can have sex with someone I don’t feel the urge to kiss, it’s very unlikely that I could end up falling in love with that person. There’s just something missing.


Be still my beating heart.......OMG!!!!! I love Pretty Woman!

7. Will you be making Captive in the Storm a novel?

It is my goal. When I first started writing that story, it was supposed to end with part 4, but the response from readers has been so great that I decided to write more and came up with a scenario that will hopefully be good enough to make it a whole novel. However, I will continue to share it with the readers of my blog since I really enjoy having an immediate feedback from them at every release of a new part and I hope that, maybe, they will tell their friends about that story once it’s published.
8. In Captive in the Storm which character can you relate to more?

I would have to say that I have a lot in common with Christopher. As you already know, Ally and Christopher both share a passion for real estate and architecture, but Chris has a more hands on approach. I handled quite a few renovation projects myself (no castles, unfortunately) and it's something I enjoy very much.
Chris has a dominant personality, but doesn’t show his emotions very much, at least in the first parts. I have to say that it’s something I recognize myself into. I like to be in control, but not in a pathological way. I also like women who challenge me, like Ally does with him.
If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be and why?
Rational. I know how boring it sounds, but I'm a scientist and I want everything, including people, to make sense. That often leads me to have "WTF" moments, especially with people who are more emotional!

9. What inspired you to write Captive in the Storm?

What became part 1 was in fact the first erotic romance scene I've ever written. It was meant for another project, but I changed the scope of it and I no longer needed those scenes. It was inspired by several of my passions (architecture, good food, kinky sex *winks*) with a hint of my personal life and several subjects I wanted to write about for some time.

As you may have noticed, Captive in the Storm has a bit of a Fifty Shades feel to it. It's not without purpose. It is, somehow, what I would have liked to read in that type of story. In the upcoming parts, the action will move to the city where new challenges await Ally and Chris, threatening their budding relationship, their family and their business, but don’t worry, the sexy moments won’t stop once we get out of the dungeon.

Well thank you Edward for giving us a sample of who you are. I enjoyed asking you these questions and I also enjoyed all your answers. I look forward to reading many more parts of Captive in the Storm.

Edward Stanbridge
 I am lucky to have so many different passions in my life and be able to share them through literature. I want to explore the best as well as the worst there is in human nature by crafting stories that I wish will compell the reader to open his mind to a new perspective.

I often use clichés and taboos in my stories and try to work them from a new angle because I truly believe that nothing in this world is what it seems.

If only one of my stories can make you smile or cry, I will have accomplished much more than I ever wished for.

Twitter- @EA_stanbridge

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