Saturday, March 1, 2014

Love by Angel


L is for loyalty.
O is for oblivion
V is for victory
E is for eternity

The scariest four letter word in the English language.

Loyalty is important and on the top of my list. I need you to be loyal to me, as I will be loyal to you.

Oblivion can play a big part of love. When I love, I love hard! I am so wrapped up with that person I get lost. I am almost unaware of everything around me, it is as if there is none in this world but him and I. This could be good thing and this could be bad thing!

Victory is a must when it comes to love. We all know that love can be very hard but we need a victory most of the time. What do I mean... Well when you overcome all the fights, spats, exchanges of nasty words, and arguments that is victory

Eternity is beautiful! I love you so much I want to spend eternity with you. Your not my now, you are my forever. If I don't feel that in my heart and soul then why do I want to waste my time and your.

So they say that love is patient, love is kind. Well in my reality love is stressful, a bitch, an asshole, a prick, and makes me want to slap the person who invented the work love.
Love can be so very hard, it isn't easy that is for sure. Love makes you fight for it, makes you crave more of it even if you don't want it. I have put my blood sweat and tears into love and love broke my heart.

I use to think that love was just a word with no meaning. Love sucks, loves is for losers. Well boy was I wrong. Hell I am a loser. (Not really) I am so in love and I love it. Yes, it is hard at times I know but if love is worth it then I will fight for it. I love waking up next to the man that I am in love with. I day dream of marring him and seeing his face when I am walking down the aisle. I envision our dream house with the white picket fence. I dream of having his children and seeing our beautiful grandchildren.

But is love worth dying for. I don't know! I am a young woman who has been in love 3 times. Well let me be honest, I thought I was in love. I was so damn wrong. I was in love with the idea of being in love.

But then the guy that I crushed on 13 years ago found me and swept me off my feet. It was amazing and perfect at the beginning but then real life happens. We split for a couple months and I thought my world was crushed. Then I said if we are meant to love each other for eternity then we will find our way back to each other again. So after we took a mini breather, we found our way back to one another. I am so glad he fought for me, because he made me believe in love again. It was rough at first but we took baby-steps and now we are more in love with each other then ever before. I have my best-friend, the man of my dreams, the love of my life, my other half, and my soul-mate all wrapped in one by my side.

So love is a crazy bitch, an asshole, a prick, it stresses me out, makes me want to pull my hair cut, but I wont want it any other way. Being in love is beautiful, wonderful, mind-blowing, rewarding, amazing, and ultimately the best feeling in the world.

So when you have love in the palm of your hand, take it, nurture it and never let it go. Make sure if it is real to you then fight for it, cause in the end it is so freaking worth it.


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