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Review for Tragic Love (Sulfur Heights Series book #2) By M.S. Brannon

Tragic Love (Sulfur Heights Series book #2)


M.S. Brannon


“From the moment I locked eyes with hers, we've had this undeniable connection that was and will always be wicked. A love that would literally kill me if it didn't survive, but lately, could kill me if it did.” ~Drake Evans.

For Drake and Presley, life has handed them more challenges than any one person should ever face in a lifetime. Together, they've survived Presley’s captivity from her deranged uncle, but now they must learn how to live with the events that surrounded her time spent with him, while keeping the details of her rescue a secret.

For Presley Quinn, living the last two years has been practically unbearable, constantly drowning in nightmares put there by a man responsible for the violent imagines continually playing in her mind. She keeps moving forward, but is barely clinging onto the edge when she’s faced with another obstacle from her past that is so unavoidable, so tragic, it threatens to break her apart—herself.

Drake will do anything to protect Presley from ever feeling pain again. His love is irrefutable. He walks side by side with her, vowing he will never let anyone harm her again. However, when an unexpected event turns Presley against everyone she’s ever loved, Drake is faced with trying to save the only woman he’s ever loved or severing the only lifeline she’s ever had—himself.

**Mature Content Warning** 17 years and older for language and sexual content

My 5 star review
I just finished Tragic Love and now I know that the title of this book is perfect. I have to say that this book is very real and raw. I know that there are many people out there that can relate to this book one way or another. This book literally broke my heart and brought back lots of memories. So thank you M.S. Brannon for wanting me to read all your books. I really believe that I needed to be reminded of Love. Thank you!
Presley is this young woman who has gone through a great deal of crap. She suffered from depression at a young age and got help. Then when her parents died she was left to the devil himself. I can’t imagine going through the hell that she went through.
Drake is a strong young man. He is well let’s just say super cute, since I am 32 and his character is 19. LOL! Back to Drake, he is the definition of a man. Yes, everyone makes mistakes and sometimes our temper gets the best of us, but he has passion and drive. I really loved this character.
Presley and Drake, in my opinion, are soul mates. I love them together and they struggled very badly but they still never drifted apart. I have to say that I admire their relationship and while reading this I just wanted to run home and tell my fiancée how much I love and need him in my life.
 I am not really sure how to write this review because this is not like any other book that I have read. It is a very good book and you better have tissues ready because I promise you, you will need them. I will say that this book is very sad, beautiful, tragic, and real. We all know that real life sucks ass and bad shit happens every day, whether we like it or not but with the support and love of others we can endure. The very last part of this book broke my heart in two. I had to sit back for a minute, and then I got the big picture. The playlist for this book is outstanding and matches every part of this book perfectly.

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