Thursday, July 24, 2014

Review for A Taylor Made Student by Carrie Anne Ward

A Taylor Made Student


Carrie Anne Ward


A tutor that desperately wants to teach and a student that eagerly wants to learn. Off into the shadows she follows...

After 2 years of running from her brutal past, Kiera Fox is now ready to start her life over. When she decides to finish her degree at the Essex University, the last thing she was expecting was to meet the handsome and intimidating Taylor Holloway.

A brief encounter in the court yard ignites a searing desire inside of Kiera which she longs to act upon. When she takes that plunge she is surprised to learn that Taylor is her Art tutor.

Giving in to the overwhelming longing for one another, Kiera embarks on a dark journey of submission to Taylor, guiding her into a world beyond just sex. He teachers her about dominance and submission, control and discipline, pain and pleasure, but this path is a little too familiar for Kiera. Bringing up too many raw memories she’s isn’t quite ready to face, but she can no longer run as her past has now found her.

Whilst struggling to come to terms with her past, a new threat is boiling in the background. Dragging up old war wounds and dangerous secrets, Kiera soon learns she isn’t the only one hiding secrets. Although the threats warn about revealing the affair, Kiera feels it’s not just about exposing them, this is personal.

Can their relationship remain in the shadows along with their secrets? And how far will Taylor push Kiera in surrendering her will to his dark world, without breaking her?

My 4.5 Star review


Ok… I feel like I have been living under a rock and shame on me, because I should have picked this book up when it first came out.


Taylor is a tutor at the University. He is beyond hot and every girl forgets their name, what, when, why and where when he is around. Well at least I would. But he is holding back and there is more to him…secrets maybe? I am not sure what he is hiding or not hiding but I can’t wait to find out.

Kiera is a beautiful young woman. She is very talented and has the potential to go places. I love that she is beautiful but she doesn’t play that “I am sexy as hell” card. I could really get along with this character. When Kiera and Taylor happen it is crazy awesome. I will be honest and say that I am very jealous of her.

While reading this book I was an obsessed woman. I didn’t want to put it down because I needed to know what was going to happen next. Carrie Anne Ward will turn you into a giddy school girl in a matter of seconds. I am 100% serious when I say that. I had a huge smile on my face and I was literally giggling. My Fiancée was like “Really Cecily is that book that good” and I said “Hell yes it is!”Now there is a lot going on in this book! You got sex, lust, love, obsession, pain, twist and turns.

So I will be perfectly honest here and say that Taylor just pushed Christian Grey to the side. Again there is something about this character…I can’t stop thinking about him now, like I said, O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D

So thank you Carrie Anne Ward for pulling and pushing me into the world of Taylor. And may I never find my way out!!!


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