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Review for Hollywood Sins (Hollywood #2) by N.K. Smith

Hollywood Sins (Hollywood #2)


N.K. Smith

Release Date: July 10th, 2014


Public spectacles, private breakdowns, and terrible choices. How can a beloved Hollywood star feel so unloved?

Twenty-four year old Adra Willows grew up in the spotlight, but navigating the shark infested waters of show business doesn’t get easier with age. She has experienced mild success but nothing like the achievement of one of her best friends. Adra constantly compares herself to Liliana Addison, Hollywood’s hottest young starlet, thanks to the Collette Stroud helmed Tortured Desires series.

With her manager giving her questionable advice and her relationship with a leading comedic actor on the rocks, Adra finds herself at the crossroads of Virtue and Vice. She can either continue along the path of taking roles that showcase her body instead of her acting skills or she can forge ahead of her competition, ignore the wishes of her manager, and make her own decisions.

Adra Willows is about to learn how easy it is to fall prey to the abundant temptations of Tinseltown. Will she become just another casualty of Hollywood? Just another washed up child star shackled by limitless means? Or can she control her own destiny? She must choose the most important role of her life: Hollywood Victim or Victor.

The red carpet of life is lined with virtue and vice, but which side will the actress choose to walk along?



My 4 star review


Hollywood Sins is a heart breaking journey into Adra’s life. It is more than a book to me though. It is like a Lifetime mini-series. The book is a beautiful, dark, brave, amazing, heart-breaking, gut-wrenching, soul searching, wonderful story that will bring forth emotions you thought you never had.. This is my first read of NK Smith’s work and I can promise you that it will not be my last.

Adra is a beautiful woman who has been an actress since she was a child. Her parents were all about pushing her to be someone famous. I was not a big fan of her mother, however. I think her mother only saw Adra as a paycheck, rather than a daughter. Her father was her mother’s puppet, in my opinion. Adra goes through a lot and gets caught up in a world she isn’t meant for. She hits rock bottom but then gets help and brings herself back to life with a lot of support and amazing people.

Peter is Adra’s best friend. They have been friends for many years and their friendship is so cute to me. Adra has always had a thing for him but, it was always wrong timing or she felt like she wasn’t good enough for him. Peter is sexy to me and not just because he is sexy. It is more about his attitude and how he fights for what he wants. He is an actor because he loves it, not so he can get a paycheck.

Now that you know a little bit about these two please keep in mind that there are other characters in this story. I liked all of the characters in this story, some I didn’t care for as much as others there are some that I loved a lot. I loved this book, especially because, I am a huge fan of real, raw, and emotional stuff and this story has all of the above. NK Smith did a fabulous job, and I sincerely mean that. I felt like I was in Adra’s world experiencing things right alongside her. I am so very happy how the book turned out, but also very sad that it ended. I would love to know more about Adra and Peter. Hint hint…NK Smith, LOL! So please, go out and get this book when it is released! You will love it!

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