Monday, July 28, 2014

Review for Desire by Missy Johnson

Missy Johnson
***Revised and rewritten, this is a 48,000 word novella that contains strong themes making it suitable for a mature audience only***

I’m a sex worker.

A prostitute. A whore.

Whatever you want to call me, the result is still the same. I sleep with men and I get paid for it. I don’t make excuses for what I do.

Then I learn how fragile life can be; how in an instant, everything can change. My mother disappears and I'm left to care for my two estranged siblings. I can barely manage to look after myself.

How am I supposed to look after a hormonal fifteen year old and a five year old who has no idea who I am?

I just want my old, uncomplicated life back.

Especially when He shows up.

He’s investigating my mothers disappearance, but I can see that it’s more than that for him.He thinks he can help me. He thinks he can fix me.

Only how can he fix something so broken?
My 4 star review
Kait is a prostitute and she works at a brothel. She has been through a lot, her step-father abused her at a very young age, her mother didn’t even believe her and then she finally ran off because she believed him over her. She left her mother, sister, and little brother behind. She didn’t care nor mind that she had sex for a living. She was broken and there was no one out there that could fix her.
Then she gets a knock on her door and it is this hot and sexy Detective Devon. He is there to tell her that her mother went missing and needs to know if she can keep her siblings until their mother is found. Kait’s  freaking out because she left them and never looked back, so how in the hell is she going to be able to raise these kid’s.
After Kait takes them in she starts to feel things she hasn’t felt since she was a small child, the strongest being love. She loves her brother and sister and is determined to do what she has to do for them. With all the time she spends with Detective Devon she starts to develop feelings for him, which is very different for her as well. She has been doing her own thing for four years now and only looking out for herself. Now she has this bomb dropped on her and she’s unsure what to do or where it will take her.
This book was good. But to be honest, I felt that it was a little rushed and I wanted more of this story. I know that this book is a novella but it would have been better if there was more.

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