Monday, July 21, 2014

Blog Tour: Review for The Space Between Us by Anie Michaels

Space Between US
Anie Michaels
They always belonged to each other but even a fated love can be fractured.

Shy, artistic, and withdrawn 11-year-old Charlie McBride tries to get her footing as she copes with the loss of her mother, the move to a new town, and starting a new school. Asher Carmichael steps into her life, provides a steadfast friendship that offers her protection to grow into a beautiful, young woman. As years pass, their friendship evolves into a passionate first love neither one of them can deny. Together they explore a new relationship filled with all the butterflies and heartache expected as two young adults navigate sex, love, and trust.

One fateful night, a painful mistake leads to cataclysmic results, setting the lovers on separate paths. Charlie is too hurt to forgive and Asher has never been so lost without his Charlie. Years pass. Hearts remain broken. Neither one can forget their first love or overcome the space between them.

Contains sexually explicit language and other mature content. Readers should be 18 or older
My 4.5 star review
Charlie McBride and Asher Carmichael's story is beautiful. I loved this story from beginning to end. Anie Michaels did a fantastic job and I am so very happy that I got the opportunity to read such a beautiful story. 
Charlie moved to a new town and started a new school after the death of her mother; very soon after she met her new neighbor Asher. Asher was bummed when his best friend had to move away, but was happy to see that Charlie, the new girl, moved in shortly after. Asher and Charlie soon became best friends and were together every day.
When Charlie and Asher started high school they began to develop new and very different feelings for one another. Asher, being the handsome gentleman that he is, asked Charlie's father if he could date his now 15 year old daughter, whom happened to be his best friend for years.
Asher and Charlie soon graduate high school and go away to the same college together, happily in love. Then at the age of 19 something happens, that throws both Asher and Charlie's entire world upside down. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles that have presented themselves and torn a rift in their otherwise perfect relationship? How will they fill the space between them?
We all know that relationships aren’t always hearts and roses, there are always problems that arise, but running away from them is never a solution. I truly loved this book because everything that happened is very realistic to things that can or did happen to the best of us. I cried reading Space Between Us. Anie Michael’s did an amazing job with this story to where even I can relate to it very well, just as much as anyone else. Not only do we all go through spills in our relationships, but love can and will test us the whole way through.
This book is all about true love, soul mates, and fate. And you know me, I was sad when it ended because I want to know everything, not just about Asher and Charlie but also how their lives unfold from here. Someone that can leave you wanting more and yet you know their story is complete is what makes a great author!
I’m in love with how Anie Michael’s is able to suck the reader into the characters world and give them a magical, amazing and breath-taking ending. Take a peek and see for yourself, you can thank me later.

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