Saturday, June 7, 2014

Review for Staying Dirty By Cheryl McIntyre

Staying Dirty
Cheryl McIntyre
“What I did today… I don’t want to be that person anymore. I don’t know how you can stand to touch me."

“I’ll never stop wanting to touch you, Link. I’m pretty sure you’re the only one I want to touch for the rest of my life.”

Link and Rocky's story concludes in this fifth and final installment of the Dirty series.

*This is part five in a five-part novella series.
**Due to sexual situations and violence, this series is recommended for 18+.
My 5 star Review
I feel like I have watched Link and Rocky grow. I have only said this to one other author…”I am emotionally invested in this series” Cheryl McIntyre I have literally read every one of your books (except Dark Calling) which is on my list to read. I can’t nor will I ever get tired of saying this…. Please don’t ever stop writing!
This series is now over and yes it broke my heart because I have got to see these two characters grow and it is sad that their story has ended. I know that sounds crazy but you know that it is an incredible read when you feel like what the hell do I do now? I can’t sit and wait for book 6 because it won’t come out. Yes I even messaged her and said Please, Please give me more. Hey I will beg if I have too, because this series is that good. But I know that all good things have to come to an end.
So that is me right about now a begging fool. Please read this series you will love it! I will not lie and tell you that it is an easy read because it isn’t. I was an emotional as hell while reading this book. This story is so real, intense, emotional, heart-breaking, dark, scary, brave, beautiful, and even life changing. That is the truth! I am so glad that I started this series.
Thank you Cheryl McIntyre for writing yet another amazing series! I look forward to reading more of your work.
Cheryl McIntyre is a mother, author, and insomniac, as well as a reader, movie critic, and incredibly bad singer. She's lived in the same area of Ohio her whole life, though she secretly has dreams of moving somewhere a little warmer--preferably near a beach.
Her life revolves around four things: family, music, books, and really bad scary movies. If she doesn't have a kid on her hip, an iPod in her hand, or a laptop in front of her face, it's one of those rare moments when she's actually sleeping.
You can follow Cheryl's author page on Facebook where she lives part time. On Goodreads--which is like crack for avid readers. On Twitter, though it's rumored she has yet to master the art of tweeting. Or her website at
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