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Review for In Love with a Master By Jason Luke

In Love with a Master
Jason Luke

In Love with a Master Book Summary

How high a price will one man pay to know love?
For Jonah Noble, life has always been his world - his way. But now, confronted with his own mortality, and staring certain death in the face, he realises his one regret...
Will Leticia be his last chance? He knows she has feelings for him, but can he ever feel the same strength of emotion for her?
Can Jonah make the leap of faith that will put his heart in danger?
It's his world. His way. But now his life is on the line...

(BDSM erotica from a man's POV, written by a man. Contains some explicit language.)
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My 5 Star review
I loved Interview with a Master. I was super excited to get my hands on book two but I was also nervous. I say that with honestly. Jason Luke did a freaking fantastic job writing book one. He captured my attention and he held on to it the entire book. Well Jason Luke proved that I didn’t need to be nervous, not one bit.

“Anticipation is at its most effective, most seductive, when the next moment remains a mystery.” ~Jonah Noble

The first part of this book is kind of dark in my opinion. Jonah Noble is well he is dying and he is entering a dark world within himself and let’s face it, that is never good. He is depressed and believing that he will die with No Regrets, until something happens that, will changes his whole outlook on his life.
After I finished this book I was not sure how I felt about the ending. I was mad at Jason Luke but I was also happy too. We have all been in love before and we all know it never last. Love in my opinion is bittersweet. Love doesn’t last forever because we don’t last forever. I for one am so happy that he wrote a love story that can and very well really happen and play out just like Jonah Noble and Leticia Fall’s did. Yes I would of love a book three, four, and five but I knew that wouldn’t happen.
“Most men are more interested in their erection, and what they will get afterwards to be focused enough to stay in tune with their woman’s needs while pleasuring them,” I explained. “Because women are stimulated so differently, and because their arousal and release begins at a different place to a man’s, the man needs to be totally committed and patient. This is not a miracle solution for millions of frustrated women – it’s just common sense. But with the right attitude a man who knows this technique has within him the ability to sexual enslave a woman. It’s been my experience that once a woman has enjoyed this kind of an orgasm, they become desperate for more of the same.”
~ Jonah Noble

When I read Vignettes of a Master I had a small feeling that he would end the book this way. BUT great, amazing, brilliant, talented authors push the limits when they write and Jason Luke did just that.
Now there are twist and turns in the book. I would have never guessed them but I enjoyed them. Overall I enjoyed this book very much. If I could describe this book in one word it would have to be Bittersweet. As soon as I got done reading this book I called my fiancée Lee and was rambling on and on about my feelings and he said “babe you feel this way because his writing has affected you in one way or another”. God I hate when he is right. LOL I am absolutely head over heels in love with Jason Luke’s writing.
Now that the book is over I hope that Mr. Jason Luke continues to write and if he does I will continue to read all of his work. He truly knocked me on my ass and then picked me back up with this book.

Jason Luke Bio

Jason Luke is an Australian author who began writing in September 2013 at the suggestion of his longtime girlfriend. 'Interview with a Master' is Jason's first erotic BDSM novel.
Jason Luke enjoyed several years involved in the BDSM lifestyle - but he is quick to point out that his experiences don't qualify him as an expert; any more than knowing how to drive a car makes him a qualified mechanic. 'Interview with a Master' is a novel about how one man became a Master. The book is a work of fiction, but Jason has drawn heavily on encounters from his own real life. He won't say which parts of the book are fictionalised, and which parts are auto-biographical.
Before taking up writing, Jason worked 6 days a week, 12 hours a day running a variety of retail businesses.
He has lived in Sydney all his life.
His favourite bands are U2 and INXS.
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Twitter: @JasonLukeAuthor
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