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Review for Falling for Shock by Eryn LaPlant

Falling for Shock
Eryn LaPlant
Oliver Hannel, England’s sexiest new star, has finally moved from the television screen to the silver screen, playing comic book hero The Shock in Hollywood’s upcoming blockbuster. While filming one summer night in the midwestern town of Greenfield, Indiana, Oliver finds himself witnessing a crime in progress. Will he embrace his inner superhero and save the day? Or will he remember he isn’t invincible and call for help?

Layla Brooks is a small town girl with a big spirited heart, especially when it comes to her twin sister, Lucy. She will rest at nothing to protect her from a casino mogul’s henchman bent on collecting a debt… even if that includes taking her sister’s punishment. But a strange suited man from out of the shadows isn’t about to let that happen.

Oliver and Layla’s opposite worlds collide with a Bam! But are either of them ready for the lies, truth and lust that comes along with a relationship born of shock? Or will their love come and go as fast as a bolt of lightning?

I have to say that I actually fell in love with this book. Eryn LaPlant you did a fantastic job with this book and I am so happy that I got the change to read your book.


My 4.5 star review


Layla Brooks is beautiful woman who has a HUGE heart. She is very talented and just go giving. Especially when it come to her twin sister Lucy. I have to say that I admire Layla's character because if I was put in her shoes I don't know if I would be as strong as she was.

Lucy is what I call a free spirit kind of girl. You know she will go wherever the wind takes her. She had a little bit of bad luck and is put in a very crappy, bad, dangerous situation. She is very lucky to have a sister like Layla.

Oliver Hannel is a sexy star from England. He is staring in a film called The Shock in Layla's home town. He is a very humble person and you will fall in love with this character. I like his theory and why he has it but I won’t spoil it for you.....

Now Oliver is now on my book boyfriend list. The crazy thing is that Eryn literally drew me in to him. Sounds crazy…. I know but she did. I am in love with Oliver. When I was reading this book I was thinking holy hell watch out Superman and Batman. Oh yes, honey I totally just said that and I mean it. I am not even a superhero kind of girl either. Please don't kill me for saying that, I am so sorry. BUT Eryn you just turned me on to some Superhero’s. I loved this story and I didn't want it to end and I so can read this again. AND I know I will.

Now.... Go and one click this book. You will love it. I promise!
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About the Author

Eryn LaPlant, grew up wishing she could have lived in another time a former slave for the working world and presently a woman of many trades. One of which is historical fiction novelist to her debut book Beneath the Wall. When not writing, she spends time with her loving husband, their handsome son, and darling Welsh Pembroke Corgi in the land of Lincoln. If she can't live in the past, she figures she can at least live amongst it.

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