Monday, June 2, 2014

Review for Night Fury By Belle Aurora

Night Fury
Belle Aurora
My name is Catarina.
Or, that’s who I was christened to be, anyways.
I live in a convent. I am a nun in training. A postulant.
I am eighteen years old.

I am a predator.
No one is safe from me.

I am protected.
No one can get to me.

By day one way, by night another. They call on me.

My name is Catarina.
Codename: Night Fury.

No one is safe from me.

I will come for you.
My 5 star review
First I would like to say thank you to Belle Aurora for allowing me to read this book before it came out! This is the second book that I have read from Belle Aurora.
Catarina, Cat, Pussy Kat, Night fury, honey, and girlie….this character the main character will knock you on your ass. NO joking. I was in shock at first and when she says “nothing is as it seems”, she really means nothing is as it seems. This girl is strong, brave, fierce, a predator, and just crazy awesome.
Father Robert aka Bob I like his character….but there is something about him. I need to know more about him and find out how and why he started Mirage. He is a mystery to me. But I do love the father daughter relationship that he has with Catarina.
This book has me on a damn role. I couldn’t put it down I had to finish this book. While reading this book I had the, what the fudge face. I really did! I mean this book is full of suspense, killing, secrets, sex, and pure mystery.  You will be in total shock when you read this book because I never seen any of this coming. 
So with all that being said…. Yes there is a cliffhanger. I know you are sitting there whining saying NOOOO Cecily, hahah yes there is one. But I for one love to hate cliffhangers and I can’t freaking wait for book two. Belle Aurora I need it now! Pretty please!
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