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Review: Stepbrother Dearest by Penelope Ward

Stepbrother Dearest




Penelope Ward



#1 Bestseller in Romance!

You're not supposed to want the one who torments you.

When my stepbrother, Elec, came to live with us my senior year, I wasn't prepared for how much of a jerk he'd be.

I hated that he took it out on me because he didn't want to be here.
I hated that he brought girls from our high school back to his room.
But what I hated the most was the unwanted way my body reacted to him.

At first, I thought all he had going for him were his rock-hard tattooed abs and chiseled face. But things started changing between us, and it all came to a head one night.

Then, just as quickly as he'd come into my life, he was gone back to California.

It had been years since I'd seen Elec.

When tragedy struck our family, I'd have to face him again.

And holy hell, the teenager who made me crazy was now a man that drove me insane.

I had a feeling my heart was about to get broken again.

Stepbrother Dearest is a standalone novel.

**Contains graphic sexual content and harsh language. It is only appropriate for adult readers age 18+**

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My 5 star review


Stepbrother Dearest is one hell of a book. This book will shock you and some parts will even leave you with your mouth hanging wide open.

Elec is this sexy hot guy (weird to say because he was hot at 18 and I am 32…eeek!) who is totally misunderstood, in my opinion. I mean really this poor guy! He is a huge asshole to Greta his step-sister and he gives her a hard time all the time that is for sure. But that’s normal sibling type stuff, right. Except for this connection Greta feels. But one night everything changes and not long after he is gone.

Greta is this young woman who is beautiful but just can’t see it. She is a loving person who is determined to crack the wall that her step-brother, Elec, has up around him. As soon as she cracks them though he tries to put them back up and then out of the blue he is gone.

Now I will not tell you everything that happens in Part 1 because I want you to read it for yourself but I will tell you this, Part 1 ain’t got anything on Part 2! Part 2 is where it all happens. So remember in Part 1: Elec is a complete asshole to his step-sister Greta, Greta feels a connection between them, she tries to break down his walls but as soon as she busts through them, he up and leaves.

Now its seven years later and there is a horrible tragedy forcing Greta and Elec to come face to face with each other again. They have not seen or heard from each other in seven years, which was pretty much since the night before he left. While reading Part 2, I was in total shock on the turn of events and my heart broke for Elec. He is this amazing man and just can’t get a damn break. Oh and let me tell you, the ending, it will blow you away!

Stepbrother Dearest is amazing story that left me with such a good feeling that when I got up this morning I had to tell my mother about the whole book. Yes I did, I told her everything! My mother was looking at me with her eyes bugging out and her mouth hanging wide open saying things like “Say what?”, “That happened?”, and “Oh my God Cecily, really!?”After that I had to let my mother calm down just a bit. But she did add that I needed to tell Penelope Ward that she needs to make Stepbrother Dearest into a lifetime movie. And Ms. Ward I have to say that I am in 100% agreement with my mother on that one. This book is that damn good, it isn’t like most Romance books, making it be the perfect book to put on Lifetime!


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