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Review: Dead Rage by Nicholas Ryan

Dead Rage
Nicholas Ryan
When Steve Bannon and the crew of the fishing boat, 'Mandrake' sailed into Grey Stone harbor, they sailed into the very jaws of hell.

The zombie apocalypse has overtaken the coastal town and Bannon must fight for his own survival in a horrific world filled with unimaginable peril and betrayal... at the highest, and the most personal levels.

'Dead Rage' is a white-knuckled ride into the frenzied terror of the apocalypse, where friends become enemies and every step is a life and death struggle.

From the bestselling author of 'Ground Zero: A Zombie Apocalypse' and 'Die Trying'.
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'Ground Zero: A Zombie Apocalypse' - "A bloody zombie smash!" DJ Molles, author of 'The Remaining' series.
'Die Trying: A Zombie Apocalypse' - "A heart stopping zombie thriller!" DA Wearmouth, author of 'First Activation'.
My 5 star review
Steve Bannon is a skipper who goes out and catches fish for a living. He has a lively crew of men but out of all of them I feel Scully is his right hand man. Now we all know how men can be when left to their own devices. Rude, destructive, competitive, disgusting at times and even act like complete idiots, but some can be sweet while others are just complete dicks. Bannon is one of those sweet ones in my opinion. He may come off rough but he is always trying to do what’s best for everyone. He was always looking out for his men too even if it meant he would lose out on profits. While Scully, though being Steve’s right hand man, was a big dick with a capital D. He is always looking out for numero uno and never thinking of the consequences.
Now when Steve decides that their journey is over, due to no signal from the mainland, they turn back to head home ignoring the protests of a certain right hand man. Not knowing what they are in store for when they arrive. They arrive back at Grey Stone Harbor only to see it is now the fiery pits of hell. Not only do they have to deal with their new found hell but there are many twists within their path that ultimately leads them to the crucial ending. Which I feel could be a final end but could as well be expanded on. **Hint, Hint Nicholas Ryan**
Now this is my first time reading a Zombie book and I was a bit nervous because I wasn’t sure that I was going to like it. I’m not lying when I say this book scared the shit out of me. The descriptions Nicholas Ryan gives makes the characters and events come right off the page. He did a horrifically brilliant job writing every detail. Nothing goes unexplained.
While reading Dead Rage I could envision every part of the story as if the events were really taking place right before me. For example, when everything went quite and Steve could feel the hairs on his neck stand up, mine did the same and I was afraid of what might be around any corner I turned. The story was so intense and suspenseful that I didn’t even want to blink, I was afraid I might miss something. This story affected me like no other story before it and I’ve got to say there will be some more suspense thrillers in my repertoire.
This book is not for the faint of heart. Dead Rage is bursting at the seams full of blood, guts, fear, rage, anger, screams, and most of all survival. Love it!!!
Ever since I finished my mind has been racing about this book and I am still in shock over how much I loved and enjoyed every part. I mean DAMN!! Now there is more to this story than just zombies but I am not going to tell you because you need to figure it out on your own.
All I know is that Dead Rage needs to be a damn movie and if it becomes one, well don’t hesitate to come find me in the front row. That’s exactly where my ass will be on opening day. And ladies don’t worry I will have Lee there with me because I KNOW for a fact I will be scared out of my mind throughout the film. But that is ok because this book as a movie would be dreadfully terrifying and outstanding all at once.
Okay, I am done rambling now…Nicholas Ryan you did a phenomenal job and your writing is brilliant. I am now a true Zombie book lover and you are to blame, so thank you J
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