Thursday, October 9, 2014

Review: Role Play by Susan Wright

Role Play


Susan Wright


It was too good to be true…

Victor is everything a woman dreams of—a handsome millionaire with a jet-setting life in New York City and a dark past. He’s also a master of erotic control who knows how to make a woman feel divine. Who could resist him?

Sierra’s world is falling apart—her sister has abandoned her to dive into the seedy underground clubs in the city. Sierra has no one else to turn to, and Victor offers her excitement, security and passion. But can he love her or is she just a fling? For Sierra, it’s worth the risk of heartbreak to find out.

How could she know it’s all smoke and mirrors, and the man she loves is an illusion?

Role Play is a standalone New Adult Romance.


My 5 star review


Sierra is a beautiful woman who keeps to herself and is always looking out for sister. Sierra and Lola are very close. They’ve stuck together when their mother left doing God only knows what. It’s when her sister starts to slowly change and is never home and never talks to Sierra anymore, that Sierra suspects she has fallen to the same fate of their mother.

Victor is a hot guy that every woman wants. Women want to be owned by him but he isn’t having any part of it. He lets it be known that he doesn’t do the whole girlfriend thing.

Victor and Sierra meet while she is spying on her sister at a club. A club that she would never step foot in herself. But Sierra isn’t fooled by him and calls Victor out right away, which in turn pisses him off.

I want you to enjoy this book as much as I did so I will not be giving much more away. But I will tell you this: Susan Wright pulled a complete 180 on me with the characters, but I won’t say what. You will have to just read Role Play yourself to find out. But I will say you will be baffled. I know I was. And of course if you know me I usually love the main male character and well Victor is no exception. So much so that I couldn’t get enough of him; hell I wanted him to own me! The lesson to be learned from this book is that you can never judge a book by its cover; and NEVER assume that you know how someone is when you don’t even know them.

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