Monday, October 6, 2014

Review: Lost and Found by Megan Fields

Lost and Found


Megan Fields

A couple torn apart, reunited after more than ten years. Will they find their way back to each other, or will secrets destroy their chance at love?

Ella lost all hope years ago after an abusive relationship with her ex that almost left her dead. Needing control over her life, Ella turned to BDSM. She needs the control and trust the lifestyle of being Mistress of the House brings. What will happen when Ella is reunited with her first love, her first everything? Revealing her secret could push Jack away forever.

Jack was forced to move with his family, leaving Ella behind. He never forgot his one true love though. Now back in London with his brother, he wants to reconnect with her, but will he be able to accept the woman she has become? Will Jack be able to look past the abuse and the fact that his sweet Ella is now a Mistress with her own club? Can Jack submit to Ella and be the submissive she needs

My 4.5 star review

Ella is a very strong woman who wasn’t always as strong as she is now. She had a horrible abusive relationship where her ex literally broke her. When I mean broke her…I mean he did the most unthinkable, unforgiveable thing to her. This man is one sick bastard. Ella’s parents both died in a car accident years ago and all she has left is her sister Lottie. After Ella had her life turned upside down she was lost, broke, and barley living. After being just a shell for some time she met Izzy. She introduced Ella to a whole new world of control. And that my friend is when Ella began her journey within the BDSM world.

Now that you know a bit about Mistress Ella, I am going to introduce to you Jack, Ella’s high school sweetheart. Jack is one sexy intelligent beast and I can see why Ella loved him. He was madly in love with her in high school and it wasn’t that high school puppy love thing either. But true love is never that easy, after their first night together he had to leave for the States with his family. Leaving left both heartbroken and unsure of where to go from there. Of course that was in the past. Now they both have had their fair share of let downs finding love but will that love of the past still ignite after all this time. Will Jack be able to accept Ella for who she is now? Or will he walk away from his true love once her secrets are reveled? Oh and did I tell you that Jack has a twin brother, Alex…Oh yes! Sexy intelligent beast x2 in Lost and Found, I may just burst at the seams.

Now Lost and Found is not like most BDSM books in my opinion. It is so much more than just that lifestyle. I love how Megan Fields wrote this story. She wrote it so well that my heart broke for Ella right alongside her. And when you read this book all you are going to want to do is protect her. Why, you may say, well because she looks after everyone else and puts them first before herself. And then there are Ella’s feelings about herself. She feels like she is not normal because of the lifestyle she has chosen for herself. It may not be normal to everyone but normal is overrated sometimes. It’s not necessarily the lifestyle I would choose but I get why she needed it. She needed and wanted control back after what happened and the lifestyle of BDSM gave that to her. I loved this book. And I will say, yes I can really relate to Ella in a lot of ways. She is inspiring and I am glad she didn’t let that asshole douchebag of a monster ruin her life.

I now can’t wait for book two! I am really hoping it is about Alex because there is just something about that man. I need to get to know him more. J

Megan Fields you did an amazing job with the story. It is very well written.


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