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Review for Shadows of Scars and Sorrow By: Mary E. Palmerin

Review for Shadow of Scars and Sorrow
By: Mary E. Palmerin
Everett Brown has secrets; secrets that Lyla has been waiting for him to tell her for months. He has successfully evaded them, but Lyla is becoming impatient.

With the vicious attack of his beloved still fresh in his mind along with the painful loss he feels, his emotions play a battle against one another, testing his strength and ability to hold himself together.

Will the secrets that he keeps jeopardize his relationship to the woman who has his heart? Or will he learn to cope with memories that resurface with a vengeance and move on to the next phase of his life... marriage.

In this second installment of a four part series, Everett Brown will face the family he thought he knew, a past he tries so desperately to disassociate himself from, and the potential for his life to be turned upside again. But is he strong enough to make it through another nightmare?

With Michael Thomas and Davis Moore still free, justice has yet to be served. In this whirlwind contemporary erotic romance novel, this young couple's relationship will be tested with several wicked curveballs and twists that even they aren't prepared for.

**Graphic content, not suitable for readers under the age of 18**
Mary E. Palmerin isn’t only an author in my book. She is a very inspiring, loving, and amazing friend. I have the pleasure of calling her my friend…Because I was on twitter one day saw her book Succumbing to Scars and Sorrow and I had to read it. Boy am I glad that I did read her book, because now I get to be here for her in this journey of hers. Before I give you my review of her second novel I want to share something with you…..
I have a friend who read Succumbing to Scars and Sorrow. From the very beginning my friend was hooked and fell in love with Lyla and Everett. Lyla’s story is so powerful and inspiring! She expressed that there are so many Lyla’s in this world and you would never even know it. My friend is a Lyla and even though she lives a so called normal life, she still feels ugly in her own skin and deals with her own nightmares of the past.  So, after reading this incredibly amazing story, now she can truly say she is beautiful in every way. Sometimes reading a book from an amazing woman, is all it takes to help change a person’s entire life.
Everett Brown, Everett Brown how I have missed you so very much!!! I am so honored to have gotten an ARC for Shadow of Scars and Sorrow!!!!
My Review:
My favorite sayings from Everett Brown
“ It was as if the world stopped turning and the whole bar was empty, except her.”
“I knew what I wanted, and it was her… and I wasn’t going to stop until I got it.”
My heart broke for Lyla with everything she went through in her past, Michael, Davis, and the loss of her baby in book one. Now my heart breaks for Everett. He is so strong and he continues to be Lyla’s rock all while dealing with the loss of the baby. Everett Brown in my book is truly one of a kind.
I love how he reminisces on the past, how they first met, the way they kissed, and the way he felt about her. I also love that Everett isn’t afraid to show his emotional side, because that is a real man in my book.
This book had me wanting to shake not only Lyla but Everett as well. Then I remembered that they aren’t the perfect couple. That is why Succumbing to Scars and Sorrow and Shadows of Scars and Sorrow is not like any other book that I have read. It isn’t all roses that is for sure. Their story is real, raw, emotional, hot, sexy, and mind-blowing all at the same time.
This book is going to blow your mind. I hope you are ready and you better pay attention, cause you are going to be like what the fudge no way I did not see that coming. AT ALL!!! I enjoyed this book from beginning to end. I finished this book in one and a half days. BUT this is also my second time reading it and it still left me saying what in the holy fudge!  I can’t wait for more. I need so much more of Everett and Lyla it isn’t even funny. They are truly the couple that totally deserves a happily ever after, but will they get it?? I have not a freaking clue!
I have no idea how Mary E. Palmerin does it. I mean two novel and one novella release in less than one years and she is still working on more to come out this year. WOW!!! My god for one she created Everett Brown….I need to bow down to her on that alone. He is all my darn book boy-friends wrapped in one lovely man. Then you have Lyla she is strong, sexy, and a fighter. (I am so her in a lot of ways, hell we are all Lyla in many ways) Then you have this crazy amazing story she wrote that will rock your world and leave you wanting so much more.
So Mary E. palmerin thank you for writing another amazing book! I can’t wait for more Lyla and Everett. I also can’t wait to read Garrett’s story!!!!
I am 26 years young and I have been writing for as long as I can remember, scribbling fairy tales down on notebook paper as a young girl, writing poetry though my teen years, and many short stories (all of which I have kept).

I love to read, every writer was a reader first. I still remember how I felt when I read The Giver for the first time and the emotions of love, loss and heartache in Gone with the Wind. Being taken to a place away from reality is truly awesome!
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