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Review for Pieces of Black By: Ava Bellamy

5 Stars!!!!
Serena Black is a top selling clean romance novelist but wants to write erotica.

Jason Stones writes erotica as a pastime in between being boss at his own company. He persuades her to spend a week with him, he tells her that if she hasn’t experienced erotica first hand then how is she going to write about it.

Each of the six parts to this series is a different day, each day, Serena opens up to Jason. Revealing her secret bit by bit while Jason starts to seduce her.

He is determined to talk her out of her clothes and into his bed. Over the year that he has been in contact with her, he has told her exactly what he wants to do to her. She tells him she is married and that is why she won’t succumb to his charms but she is not telling the full truth.

Once she reveals what the truth is, she stands no chance.
My Review:
I want to start out my saying this book is very good! I am so digging Jason! Oh and I am totally digging Parker as well.
Jason is this hot sexy author who writes erotica. He writes his stories based off his play dates. Serena is a beautiful gorgeous author who writes romance novels. Jason and Serena have been talking to each other via social media. He is always asking her to meet up with him so she can be one of his play dates too, that way he can get hands on training for his book! Then soon after that they exchanged emails and then phone numbers. Serena would like to write an erotica book, so she is always asking him questions on how he writes his stories. Well being the woman that Serena is she will not fall for his bedroom charm. Then one day her friend Sarah takes charge and send a message saying yes she will meet him.
So Serena goes to meet with Jason and he shows her exactly what he does on his play dates, per the list that she gave him of what she wants to write about her in book. Serena is trying so hard not to fall for his charm and it is so hard for her. He is being such a caring gentleman to her and she is starting to fall for it. Jason is starting to fall of this woman who keeps turning him down over and over. He hold the most respect for her and wants so much more from her. She has so many things that she wants to share with him! They have more in common than just being authors!
I want Jason to teach me a thing or two! He makes me want to write a damn book! My heart broke for both of them, then with his lovely caring words and his behavior he put my heart right back together! I even told my boyfriend…. Sorry baby if I call you Jason. (just teasing him) But I am now adding Jason to my book boyfriend list and he is climbing up the ladder pretty darn fast. I mean he got to me big time!!! And I loved it!!!
There is so much more that I want to say about this book. I can literally tell you this whole story and gush about it all in one breath! Ava Bellamy you did a damn good job writing this story! You had me at “Are you ready yet Sarah? We need to leave, or we will be late for the exhibition.” Why you ask….Well let me tell you! I am so like Serena, well minus the author part. I could not put this book down at all. I needed to devour this book! I was cooking dinner and drinking wine while reading this book all at the same time. LOL It is that good! I got so caught up in Jason and Serena’s story!! I flipping loved it and was so sad when the book ended. I could re-read this book over and over again it is that good to me! Show more
I can’t wait for Scattered Stones(Parkers story) to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be all over that book let me tell you!
Ava Bellamy
I'm Welsh!
Oh, you want to know more?
I came to writing books later in my life, I had a few stories I wanted to tell and Pieces of Black is one of them. In 2014 I plan to release three full novels and a follow up to Pieces of Black called Scattered Stones.
I live on the South Coast of England after leaving my beloved Wales many years ago. I have a day job as well as write where I get to flirt with men all day, no, I don't do what you're thinking! I work in an industry where nothing goes to plan and all my customers are men. 
So, I need to charm them into thinking it is perfectly ok things are running late.
It is true what they say, be careful what you tell a writer because it just might end up in a book. Especially for me.

I have many passions and they fade in and out as my mood takes me. Current passion is tattoos.
I would love to hear from you, so don't be shy, get in contact.

Twitter: www.twitter.com/avabellamy
Website: www.authoravabellamy.wordpress.com

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