Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Christine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so glad that I have someone like you in my life. You are my best-friend and you have been since the fourth grade. I love our friendship, because when we lost our way it was as if time stood still and not a thing changed. You have been here for me in so many ways I can’t begin to thank you! Reminding me of my Dr appointments, and taking my meds. LOL! When I went through a rough point you let me stay the night with you and your mom made up chocolate shakes. It was like we were in junior high again. Minus the girl talk games. LOL! I even love that you read all the books that I geek out about and never judge me. I totally love that you always support, even if you think it is wrong.
You are an amazing woman, friend, sister, aunt, and daughter.
 You deserve only the very best!!
You will always and forever be my babycakes!!!!
Happy Birthday!!!

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