Sunday, January 5, 2014

Review for The Temptation of Lila and Ethan (Book #3) by Jessica Sorensen

4.5 Stars
Lila lives in her own version of hell. To the outside world she has the picture perfect family, but behind closed doors she doesn't. Her own parents don't even tell her they love her, kiss her, or even hug her. Her father tells her over and over again how much he dislikes her and wishes he would of never had children. Her mother is a zombie and is obsessed with beauty/wealth. Lila got shipped off to boarding school at age 14, just like her sister did. Lila believes that love doesn't exist and all she ever wanted was physical contact and to be loved.
Ethan dropped out of school at seventeen years old and wonders where in the hell did her go wrong in his life. When Ethan was eight his father went through a phase of beating him like crazy after his medication wore off and that lasted a whole year. Ethan had his fair share of choices of drugs, such as weed, cocaine, but never heroin. London his girlfriend at the time introduced him into that world. London is a very broken girl, their relationship consist of sex and zero talking about feelings.
Ethan and Lila met two summers ago when Ella (Lila's friend) went back to her hometown. Lila spent lots of time with Ethan (Micha's best-friend) while Ethan and Ella worked out their relationship. Lila felt a strange connection to Ethan. As much as Lila threw herself at Ethan he would never take her up on her offer to sleep with him. Lila and Ethan live in two different worlds of being rich and then being poor but yet they understand each other. 
Now four years later Lila and Ethan are still very good friends, one would say they are best-friends. They tell each other some things about themselves and neither judge each other. Lila lives in a world of drinking and sex. She is ok with that, because in those few moments she can be blissfully happy. Ethan has been living in a world of depression and regret for the last four years. He doesn't open up nor wants a relationship from anyone, because he is so afraid of becoming his father.
Can Ethan and Lila every be truly happy? Can Ethan help himself? Can Lila overcome her past and move forward and be loved?
This book was very good! I loved The Secret of Ella and Micha (book #1) and The Forever of Ella and Micha (book #2) But this book was so real, raw, emotion, sad, beautiful, and hit so close to home. I so enjoy a book that touches your heart for one reason or another. There are so many Lila and Ethan's out there. It makes you just want to reach other and hold them both and never let them go. This story makes you want to open up your eyes and I living my life they way I want to or do I need to make some changes. Love it!!!
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