Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Readers Poll Week

Hello Hello!!!! I am doing a Readers Poll this week. What is that you ask....... I asked Authors and Readers what their favorite book is and why?
Tomorrow I will start with a special list from Zoe Pope from
We already know my favorite book and why...... So I will not bore you again but hey I can still tell you the names :)

Succumbing to Scars and Sorrow by the beautiful Mary E. Palmerin
I talk about her and her books so much that people are starting to want to meet her as well as myself.
Semblance by the creative genius also known as Logan Patricks
I can't get enough of the author. I can talk about him all day long, he is so creative and I just want to shrink myself and jump in his mind. That is how crazy awesome this man is.

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