Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My New Years Goal/Journey/whatever you want to call it!!

So I know it is already 14 days into the new year and all but I really had to put some thought into my New Year's Resolution's. So in the fashion of ME I am changing my normal and thinking outside the box!!! So may original goal was to never see another hospital again, but that goal crashed and burned last night. OH WELL....Life goes on........
SO......My goal is to eat, breathe, sleep, and taste my town/city. I always complain about living in St. Louis and my Sugarplum (you know who you are) once told me " Cecily how can you not like it, if you never go out and explore it".
So my goal/journey is to explore my town/city. I know it will take longer than 1 year but that is perfectly fine with me. I plan on going somewhere that I have never gone to twice a month. I am such a nerd, so you know that I am super excited to do this. AND yes I will totally be taking pictures and most likely blogging about it as well. You never know maybe one day you will want to travel to St. Louis and see what we have to offer you!
So I am kissing my old attitude goodbye and saying hello to my new one!!!!
If you want to share your goals for 2014......I would love to read about them :)

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