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My Top 13 Authors of 2013

My top 13 Authors of 2013
So let be start with Thank You's!!! I would like to thank my ex-boyfriend, if we didn't break up I would have never turned to book to get me through our break up. (he is a good guy don't hate him to much) I also want to thank Mary E. Palmerin for pushing my to start a book blog and helping me get it started. Also to my best friend Christine Schaefer for letting me talk your ear off about every book I have read and for actually reading them yourself.  I saved the best for last....Thank you to my baby boy Marky (sorry for calling you my baby, I know you are 12 but you will always be my baby) and for thinking I am the coolest mom ever for having a book blog!!!
I also want to Thank Mary E. Palmerin and Logan Patricks for allowing my to interview them for my book blog. I mean I am the luckiest girl ever to have her two favorite authors do an interview for me. You two are simply freaking amazing and you are ending my 2013 with a huge smile on my face.
I want to start out by saying yes I am a huge book nerd and I flipping love it. I have read 138 books this year! I am sure you are reading this saying.... "really is this girl for real".....YES I am. Out of all of the 138 books that I have read, there were only 2 that I didn't 100% love. To me that is pretty darn good, if you ask me. So enough about me being a nerd, here is my top 13 authors of 2013!!
1. Mary E. Palmerin (Succumbing to Scars and Sorrow, Secrets of a Broken Girl)
This author is an amazing, beautiful, strong, super-smart, and a very creative woman. I have the pleasure of being her fan and her friend. I fell in love with her (yes I said it) after reading her book. Succumbing to Scars and Sorrow is such an amazing story and I brag about this book to everyone. Lyla (the main character) has my heart, she is the definition of perfection. After reading this book, I feel beautiful and perfect in my own skin.
2. Logan Patricks (The Last Sins of Snow White, Semblance(book 1 of the Midnight Society)
I can describe this author in two words; Creative Genius! He plays the piano too, amongst other things I am sure. I also stalk him on Twitter. His two piano pieces Breathless and Echos are downloaded to my playlist. Whenever I am having a bad day I just sit back and listen to the beautiful sound. He also blows my way with his damn writing skills. I mean cheese and rice!!!!!!!! Semblance is super flipping good you have no idea....so do something about it and read it :) It is well worth it!
3. H.M. Ward (Damaged 1&2, The Arrangement 1-12, Stripped, The Proposition, A Little Christmas Romance)
She will put out books like it ain't nothing! She is the queen of cliffhangers and I freaking love every second of them. I am a huge fan of hers and I am so glad she has introduced me to the Ferro Brothers. I feel sorry for all you men out there, cause you have some HUGE shoes to fill. I even tweet her comments after reading her books and even during her books. I guess you can say I am little obsessed with them.
4. Sydney Jamesson (Touchstone for Play and Touchstone for Giving)
This author is wow! I liked every single character is this story, and 3 needs to hurry and come out. Sydney killed it! She created Ayden Stone....let me get out of my seat and bow down to you honey, cause this character is killing all the other book boyfriends that I have.  
5. Christina/Lauren (Beautiful Bastard Series)
Christina and Lauren wrote one of the hottest series out and they don't even live in the same state. I am still shocked on how they even made this series possible. But I am so glad that they did. I can't even walk in the stairway at work without thinking about Chloe and Bennett. Man oh man what a Beautiful Bastard!!
6. Jasinda Wilder (Stripped, Falling into you, Falling into us, Wounded, Big Girls do it)
Jasinda Wilder has yet to disappoint! Everything she writes is so darn good. My favorite is Falling into You, it was such a heart-breaking story but in the end it was perfectly perfect. I can't wait to read more of her books!
7. Rachel Van Dryken (Ruin, The Bet, The Wager)
This lady here made me sob like a baby while reading Ruin. She also made me laugh and fall in love with the characters from The Bet and The Wager. I have more of her books on my TBR list and I know I will love all of them. I am also totally jealous, she has the cutest grandmother ever!
8. Olivia Cummings (Sinners on Tour Series)
All I can say is this series is super smoking HOT and yes I did spit out my soda more than once while reading this series. It was amazing and I was so sad when this series ended. I mean for a minute there I really thought the Sinner's were a real band. Olivia Cummings did one hell of a job with these books for sure.
9. Cameron Lincoln (Perfect Pleasure)
Cameron Lincoln should be lucky he doesn't live anywhere near me, cause it will be all bad for both of us. I am officially in love with his writing, even his poems are amazing. I even stalk him on Twitter, just to see what he will come up with next. Even his random thoughts are crazy awesome. Hey I am woman enough to admit it. Trust me ladies.....you will be saying the same thing.
10. Katy Evans (Real, Mine, Remy)
I will start out by saying Holy Moly I want me a Remington Tate. While reading this story, yes I did tweet her while reading these books. Along with many of her other fans too. She did an outstanding job with this story. My favorite would have to be so far Remy,  reading this one made me cry and fall in love with his beautiful blue/black soul all over again.
11. Cheryl McIntyre (Sometimes Never, Blackbird, Before Now, Long After)
Cheryl McIntyre took me on an amazing journey with this series. Every character in these books were so easy to fall in love with. I cried, laughed, wanted to shank someone all while reading this series. I was said when I was finished each book, but was happy to start another.
12. Colleen Hoover (Slammed, This Girl, Point of Retreat, Hopeless, Losing Hope, Finding Cinderlla)
Colleen Hoover is crazy good! Everyone of her books are amazing. The realness in Hopeless and Losing Hope is completely mind-blowing. I cried and my heart broke for the character in this story. If you haven't read them then shame on you, cause you need to.
13. L. Maretta (Falling From Grace, Whatever it Takes)
When I think of L. Marette two words come to mind.....Shoe Queen! I also love her work. Whatever it Takes was an amazing story and in my opinion should be a self-help guide to marriage. I have told all of my married friends about this book. (I have yet to make the biggest move of my life) I had a whole lot of feeling and emotions going on while reading this story and I loved every minute of it.

I have to say this list was so very hard to write, cause there are so many authors that I really like!! So I can't wait to figure out my list for next year!!!
So Good-Bye 2013 and Hello 2014

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