Sunday, December 29, 2013

Interview with Logan Patricks

I was so very excited about doing an interview with Logan Patricks. Why you ask....well let me tell you why!!! First, is because he is my #1 male author! Second, he freaking rocks at writing and he is a freaking creative genius! Third, he composes piano music that is simply beautiful. Fourth, yes I have a mini school girl crush on him. Damn his writing!!!! I swear he should totally have a seminar for men on how to swoon women. Hell I would even buy tickets for a few guys to go.
So a HUGE thank you to Logan Patricks for doing this interview for me. You totally made the ending of 2013 unforgettable. To have my favorite male author do an interview on my very own blog. (that is still very new ) Thank you!!!! Words can not describe how happy and excited I am at this very moment! So thank you!!! XOXO
1. What is your favorite feature on a woman? (yes I totally went there, first)
     Definitely her intelligence. There's nothing more satisfying than spending an evening with a woman and having meaningful conversations about love, laughter, and life from a brilliant mind.
2. When you are having a stressful day, what is your escape?

     I have several ways to unwind. The first is always holding my baby daughter. The look on her face while she studies my face gets me every single time. If I need some type of physical relief, I pound the weights at the gym or play basketball.
3. How did you feel the moment Semblance went live?
     It was stressful because originally Amazon didn't like my cover (the naked girl) and slapped the ADULT tag onto it which made it impossible to discover. I had to frantically rework the cover and get it out of that dreaded ADULT zone, which is kinda like the friend zone. Once you're in it, it's impossible to get out. I ended up republishing it all over again.
4. What inspired you to write The Midnight Society? (which is crazy awesome)
     I found that readers of the romance/new adult genre are the most wonderful, supportive, and enthusiastic in the literary universe, and thought it'd be awesome to write a book specifically for them. It's a departure from the usual genre I write in (fantasy and scifi) but I'm always interested in developing my skills and exploring virgin territory. For the Midnight Society series, I wanted to do something unique, write a book that's basically 50 Shades of Grey meets the Davinci Code. A Secret Society was the perfect setting for my sexy thriller to take place.
5. Which character in Semblance can you relate to most?
     As strange as this sounds, it's Aria, the leading lady of my book. She has my quirky sense of humor, love for the piano, and the drive to be succeed in whatever she sets out to do. The Midnight Society was such a fun book to write just because I connected with Aria so well right from the beginning.
6. How many books will be in The Midnight Society series?
     That's a good question. 3 definitely for sure, but I do have a lot of story to tell, so it may go to 4 for the main series. I also have a lot of ideas for smaller novellas with different members of the Midnight Society so I'll get to writing those once the second book is complete.
7. What are you wanting your fans to get out of this series?
     Pure entertainment! I want them to buy my book, read it, and think to themselves "Wow. I really enjoyed reading Semblance. It was worth every penny I spent on it"
8. If you had 3 wishes what would they be?
     1) for a billion more wishes
     2) for my daughter to grow up into a healthy, strong, independent woman that can accomplish whatever she sets out to do.
     3) for every dirtbag who can potentially break her heart to develop permanent warts on their face and genitals.
9. If there was 1 place you could go and have never been there before, where would you go? and why?
     I'd love to take my wife to Maldives to relax and unwind, and the reason for Maldives is because it won't be around to much longer.
10. If you could describe yourself in 1 world what would it be and why?
     Troublemaker- I tend to think outside the box quite frequently and it gets me into some of the weirdest scenarios. Everytime I tell my wife or my friends "don't worry, when have I ever let you down," they all start to worry.
Twitter: @loganpatricks
Facebook: Logan Patricks
So can I say see why I have a mini crush on this man. Hello look at his answers. He had me at question 1. =) I also am totally game for starting a tally to see how wants the amazing talented author to have a seminar on how to swoon your girl. Wink, Wink, Hint, Hint. Just kidding(maybe) I hope all you of enjoyed the questions and answers as much as I have.
Thank you!!!!



  1. Awww...thanks for the lovely interview! I'm in awe of your awesomeness =)

  2. have me giggling like a school-girl now!!! Thank you again! You are amazing and your writing is beyond words!!
    Congrats!!!! Totally looking forward to reading book 2!

  3. Great interview! And I can say I wouldn't be totally against a seminar. :)

    And yes Logan is a mad literary genius. Semblance completely blew me out of the water. I'm still thinking about that freaking book. He is the one author I know that throws in the unexpected and does what most authors won't. You should read his book published under L.W. Patricks called Shadow of Wrath. Talk about shocker! It was great.

    Way to end the year.