Monday, December 30, 2013

Review for To Catch a Falling Star by L. Duarte

5 Stars!!!!!
Tim fisher and Melody Miller have been in love since they we in kindergarten. They had their first kiss at 13 years old, when Tim asked Melody to marry him while on a missionary trip. Then they for married at age 20. Tim was the only man Melody has even been with, let alone ever kissed. Then 10 days before their daughter Ella was born Tim was killed in Afghanistan. This left Melody depressed devastated, and not knowing how to go on.
Now Melody is left as a single parent. Her daughter Ella is the love of her life and the smartest little girl you will ever meet. Ella is aware that her daddy is in Heaven, but she so badly wants to see her daddy. The man that she never got to meet, or even hear his voice. Melody is beautiful, strong, stubborn, brave, and independent. Since her husband is no longer with her she has lots of jobs to keep the finances flowing. She is a police officer, belly dancing instructor, and a counselor for her father’s church.
Tarry the young rock and roll singer, 22 time Grammy winner, pop idol, sexy god has finally hit rock bottom. Tarry has been in and out rehab over the last few years. I OD and the courts put him in the care of Portia and Will. Portia is Tarry’s best friend, they have been friends since they were kids. Will is Portia’s husband, who is also Melody’s brother. Tarry has to counseling as part of his court order. He is not happy about seeing another therapist. He isn’t in the mood to be fix, he is ready for the end. Tarry hasn’t seen Melody in five years.
The last time her laid eyes on her was at Portia and Wills wedding. There was something about her, as if there was a magnetic energy pulling him into her. When he awaits for his therapist he is graced with Melody’s beautiful sexy face. He can hardly stand it, he is sitting across from her pouring out his soul. He feels like a whimp and no longer wants to be in these sessions with her. Melody sees him, it is as if she can see in his dark soul. She can tell he is broken, the drugs have taken his soul and took it hostage.
Tarry finds himself daydreaming about Melody, reminiscing the first encounter the two had many years ago. He once carved drugs, now he craves Melody. She is his drug, she makes him feel alive, and let’s face it when was the last time he was alive.
Can Melody save Tarry and help save his soul? Can Tarry save Melody from the grief of her husband?
I am a fan of L. Duarte! She wrote Chasing Stars and that is Portia and Will’s story. Their story is such a breath of fresh air. Chasing Stars is not like any other book, you will be stunned with how well this story is written. This story To Catch a Falling Star, is an amazing story. I fell in love with this story by page two and yes I was in tears by page two. This is a beautiful, broken, lovable, and vulnerable story. I hate to say this but I am so loving Tarry……I am so sorry Will. This story makes me believe that there is one person put on this earth for us, we just have to wait and be patient and he or she will come find us. Even if we aren’t ready for them, you better hold on tight and just enjoy the ride. Never stop or doubt fate.
Please read Chasing Stars before you read this book. You will grow to love every single characters in book of these books. I guarantee it J
Happy reading

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