Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Review for Falling by E.K. Blair

5 Stars!!!!!!!
     I have to say that this story was very hard for me to read. Book 1 Fading(Candace's story) was the hardest to read but a very good intense book. Book 2 Freeing(Jase's Story) was heart-breaking but so good. This book is all about Ryan and his point of view. PLEASE read all three books, you will love this story. It is real emotional, raw, intense, heart-breaking, and so many more words can describe this story. It will be well worth it E.K. Blair did a fantastic job with this story. Good luck putting it down, cause you won't be able too.
     Ryan is hard-working, beautiful, strong, laid back, sexy, and very girls dream. Ryan has had a very rough abusive childhood. He has to endure beatings from his father and he also watched his mother take the emotional and physical abuse. Ryan used to use drugs as an escape from the real world, but now he uses women. He is always upfront with the woman, no strings attached. Ryan owns his own bar and has an endless string of one-night stands, he never commits to women. He is so afraid of becoming just like his father, so he doesn't bother to commit, says disconnected, and feels like he will never be a provider. Deep down he already feels like his father.

     Ryan is often told he is a work-alcoholic and can never stay away from the bar, but one night he was so happy to be working late. Ryan was in his office well after midnight and heard voices outside his office window. He didn't bother to check, because I mean come on it is a bar near the college campus. So he continued to do his work, but then he heard a woman scream " god no, please". Ryan stormed down the steps and out the back of the bar and witnesses something so horrifying.
     All Ryan felt at that moment was pain, sadness, anger, and anguish for this small beautiful girl. He beat himself up for not getting there any faster, for ignoring the first sounds coming from his very own window. So he made the 911 call and stayed with her. The police wouldn't tell him a damn thing, because he didn't know her. Ryan stressed over this Jane Doe for weeks, even months. All he ever sees is images of her bloody thighs and shredded fingernails. He can't even be with a woman and hasn't since the incident, because all he hears is her voice and sees images of her body.
     Then one day he stops to grab a coffee from this off the wall coffee shop and he is taken back by the girl on the stood studying her book. He feels like a perv, because he can't stop staring at her. He feels like he knows her from somewhere. She is so pretty, tiny, and not like the girls that would catch his eye before. He starts to think that she is the one....his Jane Doe, but he knows his mind is playing tricks on him. He needs to let it go, he needs to believe that his Jane Doe is safe and happy now.
     Ryan starts to hang-out with his friends Jase and Mark more, since he is no longer on the one-night stand prowl. He ends up face to face with the coffee girl again. She is friends with Jase and Mark and this makes Ryan so freaking happy. Candace is her name and he likes talking to her, but she is so hard to read. He is not use to women being distant and not falling all over him. He is intrigued by her beauty. She is so sweet, funny, athletic, small, tiny, soft, and a ballerina. Ryan wants to do everything and anything to get the know her, because there is just something about her and he isn't sure what that something is.
     I want to go on and on about this story, hell I totally can tell you every detail about all 3 books. I am so not going to do that, because you need to read this for yourself. Is Candace Ryan's Jane Doe, will he ever truly be happy, will his past of abuse stop suffocating his future. I know, but I am not telling you.
If you get a chance to read this book.....please leave a comment and tell me what you think. I am dying to hear it :)


  1. Holy crap..I cant tell you how happy I am that I followed your suggestion and read this series. I'm completely in love with these books. I already want to read them again. Completely at the top of my all time favorite books. Beats out some of my favorites lik nora Roberts, Nicholas sparks and Julie garwood. Great great great job to the author.

  2. I am glad you like it. I heart Ryan :)