Monday, December 2, 2013

Review for The Proposition: The Ferro Family (The Proposition #1) by H.M. Ward

     This book has love, lies, betrayal, and blackmail. Thank you again to H.M. Ward for yet another must non-stop read.

     Hallie Raymond is drifting deeper and deeper into a dark hole within her being. She has had to endure the lose of her father, who was her heart, and her life has been completely turned upside down. Before this tragedy Hallie was a fly by the seat of your pants kind of chick. While in her black vortex she wrote a book with all her confessions of the past, so she could close that chapter of her life and begin a new chapter.

     Neil Schurtz is Hallie's long time boyfriend, who is studying to be a world famous shrink. Neil is a planner and has a bit of OCD. Neil brings order to Hallie's chaos. They are opposite in ways, but they work for each other.

     Bryan Ferro (can we say yummy) was and possibly still is every father's worst nightmare and every woman's favorite dream. At one time in Hallie's life she was in love with Bryan, he gave her what she needed when she needed it. Bryan was Hallie's best kept secret, due to the history of his family chaos.

     I want so badly to tell this whole story, because it is that good. The shock of what the flip is going to happen next. It is mind boggling and drives me crazy, but that is why H.M. Ward is on her game. AND all of her fans keep begging for more........

     Get ready cause I believe that Bryan is going to give Peter, Sean, and Jonathan some competition. So.....let the fun, stress, nail-biting, crazy/sexy cliffhanger reading begin.

5 star for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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