Saturday, December 28, 2013

Review for Semblance by Logan Patricks

5 STARS!!!!!


     I have to start out by saying that I am a huge fan of Logan Patricks. He is my number 1 male author, one would even say that I stalk him a bit on Twitter. (it is totally true, ooops) Logan Patricks in my book is a man of talent. For starters, he plays the piano and composes his own music. WOW! If you go to his website you can hear his two pieces. Breathless and Echos are so beautiful, sad, enchanting in a dark way, and just simply amazing. (yes! I have them on my playlist) Then you have this mans writing!!! I mean a man who took a fairytale (The Last Sins of Snow White) and turned it into a sizzling hot adult fairytale. HELLO!! Who does that....oh yea that's right Logan Patricks does that. Now he comes out with Semblance Book 1 of The Midnight Society....

     Aria Valencia is a starving (literally) classical performance music student. She is very blunt, headstrong, full of pride, confident, beautiful, and very witty. She is very broke and trying to figure out how she will get her next meal, let alone survive her next semester. Then Aria got a job offer to play piano for just on evening at China White. (a super high end supper club) When Aria plays she is one with the piano, her hands are no longer her own. She is always at piece and loses herself in her music while playing this magical instrument.

     While playing at China White she is introduced to Calisto Tremaine and she is offered yet another job, that is too good to turn down. Calisto is offering Aria a chance of playing in front of the most elite exclusive group of individuals. The Midnight Society is full of power, influence, lies, betrayal, and many other things that are never spoken of or even have record of.

     After Aria plays for this elite society she is summand along with everyone else to take part of a very important ritual. That is when she locks eyes on Shadow. Shadow Tremaine is Calisto's brother. He is gorgeous, hypnotic, electrifying, and charming in a dark way. He is a ravishing angel, but can also be mistaken as a monster.

     Shaw Tremaine has chosen Aria Valencia for more reasons then you can imagine. Let's just say that they are drawn to each other and have more things in common than one would think, since their worlds are so very different. Aria finds herself getting lost in Shadow and she is drawn to him very fast. Knowing who he is and not knowing his secrets, can she handle all that comes along with loving someone as powerful as him? OR will she stand by his side and be the strong woman that he needs and wants.

     While reading this book I have the WTH look on my face. I have been sucked into this story as if the characters are real. I have been screaming "SOMEONE HOLD ME PLEASE". This book is literally that good! Once you start this book you will not put it down until you are finished. All I can say is this book is freaking amazing! I mean no offense but a MAN wrote it in a female characters first perspective and nailed it. I mean that says everything, when I say Logan Patricks is a man of talent.

     Enjoy this book! Let me know what you think. OH and FYI as of now this book is #6 on the Hot New Releases Gothic Romance and it has only been out since December 23. So that should you.....get the book cause you will love it.
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  1. I'm speechless! An absolutely kick ass review that has me blushing. You're sweet and amazing!

  2. Thank you! I try really hard to be sweet and amazing :) BUT your are butterflying amazing!!!!