Sunday, September 7, 2014

Review: Wildcard by Missy Johnson


Wildcard Volume One


Missy Johnson


That's the number of women I've shagged in the last twelve months.

I'm Ryder Stevens.

Don't pretend you don't know me. I'm a god.

I'm hot, I'm British and I take what I want. I'm also the number one ranked tennis player in the world. But it's my off court antics that gain the most attention. I cruise through life, running from one scandal to the next. Hell I can't even take a piss without the world knowing about it.

Rules? Who gives a shit?

Rules are there to be broken and I'm the king of breaking them.

But even the king can be bought to his knees. I'm sidelined with an injury that changes everything.

Maybe my life isn't so perfect after all...


My 5 star review

Ryder is a hot shot tennis player and completely full of himself. All he cares about is getting women and having sex with them. He goes out and parties right before big matches without a care in the world because he already knows that he will win and win big. But even Ryder is only human and even he doesn’t see what happens next coming. His whole world gets turned upside down after he gets hurt doing something wild and crazy.

Scarlett a beautiful young woman works hard to take care of her and her son. Since her mother passed away it has just been the two of them. Scarlett had Jake when she was 16 years old, which was 7 years ago.  He is now extremely sick and decides to write a letter to Ryder putting a few choice words in there as he writes.

Deciding to finally read his fan mail, since he has nothing else better to do than to sit on his ass all day long, Ryder comes across a letter like no other. He finds himself taken off guard by reading the letter from this 7 year old boy. Jake’s letter is practically telling him off. Letting him know that he was lucky to do what he loved and he was an idiot for going and screwing that all up. Will this letter finally get Ryder to change his ways?

Wildcard: volume 1 is an amazing book. You will be laughing and saying WTF just happened within moments of each other. It was so good that to help you understand I will say that I need book two now like I need air to breathe. Missy Johnson, you pulled a number on me. Ryder, I want you to know that I am here to help and would love to just hold you forever. Oh and you can stay with me!! St. Louis isn’t too far from Chicago! I mean what is a five hour drive.

So for all you avid series readers there will be a total of three books. So I suggest you take a deep breath and sip your wine because you are going to need it while reading this book and I am sure the next two will be the same.

Missy Johnson congratulations on another amazing  book!

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