Friday, September 5, 2014

Review: Act Accordingly by C.E. Hansen

Act Accordingly


C.E. Hansen


Twenty-six-year-old Nic Maretta is having a bad year.

She just found out that the man she was in love with and planned to marry is just that, married. So she does what any normal woman would do. She gets drunk, brushes herself off and swears off love forever.

She is thankful to have a best friend that not only loves her, but accepts the new ‘Nic’. This new Nic has decided to live life on her own terms, mocking convention; as well as her own situations. It’s goodbye heartache and hello sexual freedom. After all, what’s good for the goose, is good for the woman who likes sex! Or something along those lines.

Until she accidently bumps into Brendon…

He is immediately taken in by her beauty and tenacity. She is instantly turned on by his good looks and sex appeal.

One crazy night, one too many champagnes and way too many phone contacts, Nic throws caution to the wind and calls Brendon. To her surprise he comes running.

Game on!

My 5 star review

Nic is a very beautiful, funny, feisty, straight forward kind of girl. She is a very loveable character and I really like her. This girl had me laughing out loud throughout Act Accordingly and I mean the laughing out loud kind of laugh.

Tommy, Nic’s ex-boyfriend, did a number on her. He is a cheating rat, wait no, he is worse than that… Oh yes, I said worse! This man is married and has a baby. Who does shit that like? Apparently he does and to ease your mind about this lying, cheating scumbag, he gets exactly what he deserves.

In comes Brendon, a hot, sexy, manly, delicious, yummy lawyer, who is also funny. I loved him every step through this book. And yes he too is on my ever growing book boyfriend list! When he opened his mouth, I just knew he would join all my other book boyfriends on the list. He is such a gentleman, especially with his words but behind closed doors he is a sexy beast.

When Nic and Brendon meet you won’t be able help thinking about how super cute and funny they are. It all starts when he walks up to her and asks if she is Karen. And well naturally she isn’t but I won’t tell you what happens next. You will have to read the book to see how their first meeting goes. It will be worth the read, I promise. I’m smiling ear to ear right now just thinking about it. 

Act Accordingly is a very easy read and of course I loved it. I love all the details given throughout this book and I feel it was very well written. C.E. Hansen had me hooked from the beginning and I loved every word! I was very sad when I got to the end because Nic and Brendon are a couple I could read about all day long. They are that CUTE and will keep you laughing throughout the book.


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