Monday, September 29, 2014

Review: Non-Fiction by Morgan Parker

Morgan Parker
After 12 years, 4 months and 1 and 1/2 weeks of marriage, his wife packs up and leaves with their daughter. So he writes an Indie novel. And it becomes a bestseller. Well, sort of.

His fame brings him the lifestyle of a rockstar, and he has the fan mail (i.e. female undergarments, probably clean) to prove it.

But seeing his fame, his wife suddenly believes in marriage counseling. Their homework: to create something beautiful for each other.

So he writes Our Story, his literary secret-weapon that will win his wife back. But in the process he discovers that true love is more than just ticking the right boxes on a checklist. It starts with... well... }i{ .

Note: the f-word is used 231 times in various formats throughout this story. Read with caution.
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My 5 star review
Morgan Parker you are a brilliant author, period! I am officially obsessed with the way you write. This book is a love story in every sense of the word. These things really happen in real life and I personally want to thank you for writing this amazing story.
Morgan (the main character) is this man who I just want to slap in the face only because he lets Princess Bitch/whore (Morgan’s wife who left him) walks all over him. (Sorry mother for the language) That is really what he calls his wife in the book, but don’t gasp because he never says it to her face. He is too good of a person and deserves so much more.
Jennifer (Morgan’s wife) is this horrible person who just up and leaves her husband taking their daughter with her. She literally left him with no warning. I mean this chick didn’t even leave him a damn note.
Evelyn is their daughter who is very young and as cute as can be. The relationship that her and her father have is so beautiful and I think it made me love this character just a little more.
After Morgan’s life gets turned upside down he starts writing and is doing good, or at least he thinks so anyway. He then finds Emma or I should say Emma finds him. Emma well, is just Emma. In my opinion she helped Morgan in more ways than one and I really love this character.
This book made me mad, cry, laugh, giggle, grunt, snort, pissed, angry and a whole lot of other things. While reading Non-Fiction I felt like my best guy friend was telling me his story and that is why my emotions were literally a hot damn mess. They were crazy and I will add that I was a bit hormonal too. At one point, I was yelling at my kindle and I think I scared my fiancée. (Sorry Lee, blame the author) This is such an amazing story and it shows me that LOVE is one crazy scary ass monster. And we can’t control who we fall in love with.
About Morgan Parker
Morgan Parker enjoys reading and writing a great love story. His unique short-novel series, Textual Encounters, tells the love story of three unlikely characters, people we don't know whether to love or hate. And his latest novel, non friction, is well, different.

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