Monday, September 1, 2014

Review: Taint by S.L. Jennings





S.L. Jennings



Right now, you’re probably asking yourself two things:
Who am I?
And, what the hell are you doing here?
Let’s start with the most obvious question, shall we?

You’re here, ladies, because you can’t f*ck.

Oh, stop it. Don’t cringe. No one under the age of 80 clutches their pearls.
You might as well get used to it, because for the next six weeks, you’re going to hear that word a lot. And you’re going to say it a lot.
Go ahead, try it out on your tongue. F*ck. F***ck.

Ok, good. Now where were we?

If you enrolled yourself in this program then you are wholly aware that you’re a lousy lay. Good for you. Admitting it is half the battle.

For those of you that have been sent here by your husband or significant other, dry your tears and get over it. You’ve been given a gift, ladies. The gift of mind-blowing, wall-climbing, multiple-orgasm-inducing sex. You have the opportunity to f*ck like a porn star. And I guarantee, you will when I’m done with you.

And who am I?
Well, for the next six weeks, I will be your lover, your teacher, your best friend, and your worst enemy. Your every-f*cking-thing. I’m the one who is going to save your relationship and your sex life.

I am Justice Drake.
And I turn housewives into whores.
Now…who’s first?



My 5 Star Review

Oh MY!



Justice Drake you are now my favorite, most desired book boyfriend.

The second you see him you can tell he screams sex. He is hot, yummy, delicious, and I am certain he is extremely tasty!

Mr. Drake is a man who knows SEX and I mean knows sex. He can tell you how to dance, lick, suck, ride, and bite your man. Sounds crazy, right!? Maybe but that is his job and he is fabulous at it. He even helps wives get their cheating husbands back. He will show you just how sexy you are no matter what size you are. As long as you have TITS and ASS you can get whatever you want, you just have to BELIEVE you can!

Allison is a wife of a very rich man. She has been married to the same man for a while now and well he likes to dip his stick elsewhere if you know what I mean. I am sure you are thinking what a prick, so am I. In comes Mr. Drake. He takes Allison through this mind blowing course to give her the power she needs to reel her husband back into her waters.

Taint was an amazing read and I didn’t want to…no, I couldn’t put it down until I was finished. Once you get your hands on Justice Drake…ehmm…excuse me, once you get your hands on this book you will not want to let him go, I mean put it down. I was so engrossed with the lessons that Mr. Drake taught that it had me thinking to myself, “Damn, I better go shopping and put on a little show and tell for Mr. Million tonight.” You too will want to take in every lesson he gives and may even want to find out where you can sign up. If you find out please don’t hesitate to let me know. I want to sign up for some private ones myself.

S.L. Jennings I adore you and love your books. You did an amazing job with this book! Hell like I said before, can I pay Justice Drake to give me some private lessons on how to be the perfect wife? I mean I am just the fiancée right now, but…it is never too early to start lessons. Right!?  *wink*


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