Friday, May 2, 2014

To You From Me

She is such a beautiful woman but her beauty goes beyond just her looks.
She is ravishing for sure no one will ever deny that.
Her soul is flawless.
The worst part about her is she can’t see what I see.
She sees herself as a troll, a beast, and a monster.
How can any man love me she says?!
So she drinks to make herself happy and it only makes her happy for a very short time.

She allows herself to be with the bad guys from the wrong side of the tracks because that is what she feels she deserves.
She lets the good ones pass her by because she is too scared.
She is afraid of the way they might make her feel.
Will they see right through me?!
You deserve anything and everything you want. We all know and that is a fact but we need you to see it for yourself. Things in your life are starting to come together and that is amazing. I am so proud of you. Please just do me one favor and open up your heart, so you don't miss anything. Take a chance if you fall I will be here to pick up. If you heart gets broke I will be right over with wine and chocolate. Then I will kick his ass.

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