Monday, May 19, 2014

Dreamer By Angel

 You inspire me more and more everyday. You make me want to reach for the stars and dream big. You have this light inside you that never burns out. Your crazy wild hair, your big beautiful brown eyes, your very long legs, all of you and all of your features are perfect. You are extremely talented and you are going places, believe me.
You are living your dream right now. You work so hard and you never stop no matter how exhausted you are. You impress so many people it blows my mind. When you step foot on that stage you own the room, hell you own that auditorium. You give me goosebumps when you dance. I watch you through watery eyes.
You are unbelievable! Your photo should be in the dictionary under Dreamer and Believer. You will go on to do great things. Your journey is just beginning and I will be there with you every chance I get and if I can't physically be there. I will be there in spirit!

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