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Review for Not Alone By Chantal Bellehumeur

Not Alone
By: Chantal Bellehumeur
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Harmony Goodhumor didn’t always get along with her younger sister Katherine, but the girls became close after their mother’s death. When Harmony moved to another city for university, she missed Katherine very much.
The girls tried to be there for one another as best as they could whenever a personal problem would occur, but there was only so much they could do for each other.
There came a time when Harmony started feeling depressed and alone.
One summer, Harmony decided to go visit Katherine in her new home. During her short trip to Moncton, New Brunswick, Harmony did more than just spend time with her sister and something unexpected happened during an excursion.
When Harmony returned home, she started missing Katherine again as well as other loved ones. But, during her moment of blues she makes the realisation that she is not as alone as she feels.
(Although highly inspired by Chantal's trip to New Brunswick and her feeling of loneliness, this is a work of fiction
My 5 Star Review:

This story is very cute and all the characters are very likable. I really enjoyed reading this book and I felt this I was reading a note that my friend wrote. It is such an easy read. Chantal Bellehumeur I loved your book and I am so thankful that you sent it to me to read. Thank you so very much! I can honestly say that I needed to read this book! Thank you

Harmony is such a wonderful woman and she had to grown up pretty fast in my opinion. My heart broke for her and her sister Katherine. I wanted to make both of their worlds better. I can relate quite a bit with her. I mean she is 32 and I turn 32 very soon, also she has a 12 year old little boy and I do too. I really like this character! Andrew, Harmony’s little boy is so damn cute! He is also very smart and loves his mother very much, and I love it. He is very funny. (Hey Andrew I hate worms too)

 I want to go on and on about everything but I am not. Just know that this book is good and you will definitely get chocked me! This book will touch your heart that is for sure. While I was reading this book, I had to stop reading it and call my sisters just to say hello. Everyone goes through things in their lives, some things they make you stronger and some things do not. This is one of those books that makes you want to sit back and think about your life. Or at least it did that for me. I am ready to pack up and start traveling!  I was sad that this book ended. I could read this book over and over again.
About the Author

I am a multi-genre author who always loved to write but never thought about publishing anything until a friend of mine told me I should.
Before that, I was more interested in acting. I performed in a couple of amateur stage showed and joined a Youth run Theatre Company. I was also an extra in a few commercials, TV shows and movies.

My love for acting soon got replaced with the love for my son. I made him my number one priority. I found it easier to write on my spare time than to work around other people's schedules to act. I found that I had to use some of my acting training to write since I had to put myself in the shoes of the characters I created.
I currently have 8 books available to purchase and wrote short stories for The Suburban's Online Magazine where people could read them for FREE. The family oriented stories are now being compiled into a book.
My poem "Hiding in the Wilderness" and short story "Born to Sing" were featured in the 2014 Aspire to Inspire Women Writer's Anthology, which instantly became a best seller.
More of my poetry was featured in the anthology "Words of Fire and Ice," which quickly reached the #1 Bestseller status on both the Poetry Multi-Author Anthologies and Poetry Anthologies via Smashwords.
While I continue to come up with stories, I encourage my son to so some writing of his own since he is full of good ideas and has a big imagination. He reminds me of myself as a child.
I am a single mom and feel very lucky to have my son in my life. I wrote a memoir of motherhood, which was included in the compilation book "They Call me MamaBear" put together by author Amber Royce.
On a side note, Whether you own any of my books or not, you can request a personalized digital autograph from me. =)

Visit my website: http://author-chantal-bellehumeur.webnode.com/
Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chantal-Bellehumeur-public-author-page/347446362035640


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