Monday, December 21, 2015

Review for Sex and Revenge by Aiden Darke

When Amy discovers her four best friends betrayed her, she vows retribution. She seduces each of their partners, and the experiences shock and delight her. But will the revenge bring her the happiness she seeks? This novelette includes group, BDSM and is for 18+ only. 

My 5 Star Review                                                                                                                                        

Sex and revenge

This is a super short fact it is too short.

I was glued to this book!

I will not lie while reading this book I was starting to hate Amy. I couldn't wrap my head around why she doing what she was doing.

Then it all came out in the open and I actually felt sorry for her. In a way I don't blame her at all. Those crazy, evil, snobby, soulless girls (not women) got what they deserve.

Aiden Darke you lite all kinds of fires in me. I was torn between disliking her and loving her. I do have to say that I liked Alan's character even though I only got him for a few pages.

Great sexy novella with a bit a revenge. I loved every second of this  book.                                        

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