Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Redo by Angel

Redo, rebuild, do again, start again, repeat, start over, redesign, revamp, rethink, and or remodel...

You can't redo the things you have done.
You can't rebuild the trust that you broke.
I will never let you do it again to me.
You will pick yourself up and start again, because there is someone special out there for you. It just isn’t me.
You will repeat all your mistakes, if you don't fix what is broken within yourself.
I will not now nor ever start over with you again.
We can't redesign our damage, it will cost way more and our heart and souls can't take any more beatings.
You need to revamp you, because I know you are better than this. I still see it in you but I need you to see it in you too.
I will re-think every choice that I made with you and I will learn from all of it, so thank you.
I will remodel myself and I will be a hundred times happier about me, I will fix the damage you caused.

I now get my redo for me, because at the end of the day I love myself more. 

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