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Review for Unforgettable Sun Hale Brothers Series Book Three Kathryn Andrews

Unforgettable Sun
Kathryn Andrews

Matt Hale
I’ve never really been included. I’ve never felt like I truly belonged. But then again, how could I? Living on this island, I’ve seen and heard too many things. Lies. Secrets. Lies I’ve been forced to tell and secrets I’ve been forced to keep. They keep me locked to myself. They’re the reason I stand on the edge of the horizon and watch from afar. Other people’s lives have evolved, but not mine. It’s exactly the same. Day after day, the sun rises, and every time its rays penetrate my skin, I’m reminded that no matter how desperately I don’t want to be, I’m trapped. I want to live. I want to breathe. I just want to be . . . free.
Elle Summers
If I had my way, I would have walked off the catwalk and straight out of the public eye years ago. Never-ending contracts and obligations have kept me prisoner until recently. Now it is fear that has me trapped and running from my life. I’m now hiding in a tiny beach cottage in my mother’s hometown, praying no one will find me. No one understands. The demands, lack of control, threats . . . I just want it all gone. I want to escape. When do I finally get to be me? Free. 

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My 5 star review

I have to be honest and say that when I got to the very last word of this book I had tears streaming down my face. I fell in love with Drew the oldest Hale Brother in book 1 and then I fell head over heels in love with Beau in book 2 but after reading Unforgettable Sun I now know who the go to brother is. Is it even possible to love three brothers at once...well yes it is and it is all Kathryn Andrews fault too!
This book blew me away because I feel like I watched these guys grow up and then I was shocked because things were happening right under my nose and I didn't even see any of it coming. That is why Kathryn is an amazing author.
She will give you love, romance, drama, lies, betrayal, and so much more in her books. The Hales Brother's series is her baby and you can tell it too by every word she wrote. I hope that she can have just 5 more books...ok at least 1 more book in this series because I am not ready to put them on my shelf just yet.
Kathryn Andrews bravo on making me fall in love with Drew, Beau, and Matt! You have blown me away with Unforgettable Sun and I have to say that this book is the best one of the series...I am sorry Drew and Beau...I still adore you both! BUT Matt just climbed his way to the top of my list!

 About the Author:
I was once asked to give a three minute presentation describing who I am and here's what I came up with . . .

Over ten years ago my husband and I were driving from Chicago to Tampa and somewhere in Kentucky I remember seeing a billboard that was all black with five white words, "I do, therefore I am!" I'm certain that it was a Nike ad, but for me I found this to be completely profound.

Take running for example. Most will say that a runner is someone who runs five days a week and runs under a ten minute mile pace. Well, I can tell you that I never run five days a week and on my best days my pace is an eleven minute mile. I have run six half marathons and one full marathon. No matter what anyone says, I am a runner. I do, therefore I am.

I've taken this same thought and applied it to so many areas of my life: cooking, gardening, quilting, and yes . . . writing.

I may not be culinary trained, but I love to cook and my family and friends loves to eat my food. I cook, therefore I am a chef!

My thumb is not black. I love to grow herbs, tomatoes, roses, and lavender. I garden, therefore I am a gardener!

I love beautiful fabrics and I can follow a pattern. My triangles may not line up perfectly . . . but who cares, my quilts are still beautiful when they are finished. I quilt, therefore I am a quilter.

I have been writing my entire life. It is my husband who finally said, "Who cares if people like your books or not? If you enjoy writing them and you love your stories . . . then write them." He has always been my biggest fan and he was right. Being a writer has always been my dream and what I said I wanted to be when I grew up.

So, I've told you who I am and what I love to do . . . now I'm going to tell you the why.

I have two boys that are three years a part. My husband and I want to instill in them adventure, courage, and passion. We don't expect them to be perfect at things, we just want them to try and do. It's not about winning the race, it's about showing up in the first place. We don't want them to be discouraged by society stereotypes, we want them to embrace who they are and what they love. After all, we only get one life.

In the end, they won't care how many books I actually sell . . . all that matters to them is that I said I was going to do it, I did it, and I have loved every minute of it.

Find something that you love and tell yourself, "I do, therefore I am."

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