Monday, August 11, 2014

Review: Bethany's Awakening by RJ Redlynn


Bethany and her husband Tim had recently heated up their sex life. Now with the help of an adult home toy party, Bethany hopes to help her friends spice up their lives as well. As the drinks flow and as the group gets more comfortable with each other, erotic stories abound as each of the ten guests shares their tawdry tale. Their stories will excite you as much as it did them and with such a variety of guests, the stories are varied as well.
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My 5 star review
Bethany’s Awakening is quite steamy and I enjoyed every word of it! To be completely honest, I was giggling like a school girl while reading this book. I also chocked on my drink quite a few times too. I like how all of the ladies told their stories and expressed their “sessions”. (That is what I like to call it)
Out of all of the ladies stories, I loved Hall Pass the most. Bethany and Tim you are the hottest supreme couple in my book. Tim did it so right when she got home. What he said to her gave me goose bumps.
Now if you have read my reviews before then you know that I tell my fiancée all about the books I read. This one was no exception. What did I say to him you might ask? Well, I asked him if he would ever give me a Hall Pass when Adam Levine came into town. I originally picked Slash, but he was not happy with that one. Maybe because I have loved him since I was 5 years old and now I am 32 years old. Hmm… Anyways he answered back with a big HELL NO! Which made me laugh and then we both just laughed about it all.
You will love this book especially since it is such an easy and delicious read. Once you start you will not be disappointed, I promise. Happy reading!
About this Author

RJ Redlynn is new to the writing scene, but has developed quite a large body of work in a short time. RJ currently has two Erotica books and two books in the works due out late spring. However, RJ has a blog on and also contributes stories to which can be heard for free.
Explicit and realistic erotica are a common theme in RJ's stories. "I like writing stories that will heat you up and leave you torn between not wanting to put the book down and wanting to run to the bedroom." RJ has written from both the male and female point of view and has even ventured into the paranormal.
RJ can be found at a hockey game and in the kitchen baking cupcakes when not writing. "My cupcakes have a large following and I think a pairing of my hot and erotic stories with a cupcake would make a great combination.”

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