Thursday, November 21, 2013

Review for Touchstone for Play by Sydney Jamesson

     This story is so good that you will be begging for more! (There are 3 books) Hands down a 5 star must read book!

     Elizabeth Parker is a young English teacher and Ayden Stone is a multimillionaire. Once they meet their different worlds collide in the most beautiful, romantic, upside down way. But not all things beautiful are perfect.

     Elizabeth and Ayden are far from perfect with secrets and sins. Elizabeth has a way to bring Ayden to his knees whenever and wherever. They help each other in more ways than one throughout the story. They grow with, and into one another.

     Then there is Dan the former boxer who is determined to get what he wants regardless of who he has to step on to get it.

     This story and all of its characters will pull you into their world. You will want to scream at them, cuddle them, slap them, and love them. So when reading this story seat back and relax.....cause you are not going to want to stop until you are finished.

     So cheers to Memorable Days and Unforgettable Nights

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