Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Review for Succumbing to Scars and Sorrow By: Mary E. Palmerin

Succumbing to Scars and Sorrow
By Mary E. Palmerin
Lyla Harper is sure she will be alone for the rest of her life. After she leaves Kansas for college in Chicago, she hopes she will never have to face her dark secrets again. Four years later, Lyla lands an internship at a prestigious firm, hoping to plant her roots and close the door to her past forever. Unfortunately, Lyla is about to learn that the past has a way of finding her, no matter how well she hides.

After she is assigned to assist a marketing millionaire and notorious jerk, Lyla attempts to overcome her pessimistic view of the world and move on with her life. But after she lays eyes on her drop-dead gorgeous neighbor, Everett Brown, her secrets begin to resurface, prompting her to regress into her old coping ways. Led by curiosity and an undeniable attraction, Lyla pursues a passionate relationship with Everett and slowly begins to feel like a woman again. Now all she has to do is decide whether to tell him the truth.

In this contemporary romance, only time will tell if a young woman’s new lover will be able to save her from herself as her past emerges from the darkness to confront her once and for all.

My 5 star review

      Mary E. Palmerin is brilliant! This book is hands down on my top ten list, a must
read...Period. This book is raw, amazing, sad, loveable, heartbreaking all wrapped up in one. When reading this book.....scratch that when reading this story please make sure you have a box of tissue next to you. I felt like my friend was telling me this story. If I could choose one word to describe this story it would have to be BRILLANT!

     Miss Lyla Harper has been through so much in the past that she has felt the need to close herself off to everyone including her very own family. She has put on this big front so the outside world would believe that she is normal and happy, with hopes that her past will never happen again. Then she meets Everett Brown who lives in the same apartment building that she lives in. One brief glance can change someone's entire life.

     Mr. Everett Brown is a successful man who takes on good look at Lyla Harper and sees inside her soul. He wants to get to know her and he is so stubborn and will not back down no matter how hard she pushes him away.

     Lyla Harper has let Everett Brown in her heart and doesn't want to get hurt, but she realizes she deservers to be happy with a wonderful man like him. Things get in there way and Lyla's past comes back full force and she is brought back to encounter more heart break then she has ever experienced before......

     I am dying for book two to come out!!!

About the Author
I am 26 years young and I have been writing for as long as I can remember, scribbling fairy tales down on notebook paper as a young girl, writing poetry though my teen years, and many short stories (all of which I have kept).

I love to read, every writer was a reader first. I still remember how I felt when I read The Giver for the first time and the emotions of love, loss and heartache in Gone with the Wind. Being taken to a place away from reality is truly awesome!

I published my debut novel, "Succumbing to Scars and Sorrow" (book 1 of The Sorrow Series) in August 2013. I have been told it is boundary pushing and taboo, but that I wrote it with sensitivity and grace. It is centered around a woman that is all too real, having a dark past that she tries to disassociate herself from and forget about. She finds love, and to me, that is important giving women like her a voice. They deserve their place in the world of HEA. I just released a prequel novella, "Secrets of a Broken Girl" in December 2013 which tells the tale of being a survivor holding onto hope. It describes her journey near the beginning of the darkness, giving my readers insight into the heartbreaking path that she was taken on, the pain that she feels, and the drive that she has to survive, move on, and lead a life free from the memories that haunted her for so many years. My second novel, "Shadows of Scars and Sorrow" (book 2 of The Sorrow Series) is due to be released in April 2014. It is told from my male lead's POV.

I love telling a story that is raw and real. The beauty about writing is evoking various emotions; some people will love it, hate it, be moved by it, or feel indifferent about it. I will always write because it is part of who I am

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